Houston – Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. and Global A.K.Co. Ltd (GAK Korea) announced the launch of a new co-branded UVair fuel and services card. The new card leverages the strengths of both organizations to offer GAK Korea clients preferred pricing on fuel and services globally. UVair is the fueling services division of Universal®.

“We’ve enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Universal® for many years and this project will help take our relationship to the next level. This co-branded UVair card will benefit our clients by providing additional value and savings while also providing a strong growth opportunity for both GAK Korea and Universal,” Michael J. Ross President of U.S. Operations, GAK Korea.

GAK Korea is a specialized company providing diverse services related to aviation and logistics. Its offices are located in the ramp-side of Gimpo (RKSS) and Incheon (RKSI) International Airports and offers services at all Korean airports.

“Our relationship with GAK Korea has yielded significant success thus far in support of our customers’ mission,” said Dave Diulus, President, UVair. “Working with GAK Korea we’ve grown our customer base and opened doors to additional growth to support our clients in Korea and throughout the region. Moving forward, we anticipate further strengthening our relationship with GAK Korea, as we identify additional ways to reduce our clients’ operating risk and stress.”

About GAK Korea

GAK Korea is Korea’s premier handling company offering a full range of services from diplomatic permits, handling, fuel, VIP escort, assisting in aircraft procurement and sales plus much more at 17 locations in Korea. The company was originally established by Mr. C.Y. Kim, who has well over 25 years of experience supporting the aviation industry throughout the Pacific region and has a vision of providing aviation excellence globally. The GAK’s United States Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, CA and directed by Mr. Michael J. Ross who has over 45 years of aviation experience.

About Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

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