Houston (Feb. 9, 2021) – Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. announced that it now has a global network of COVID-19 viral testing providers across the majority of the top 200 international airports that its Universal® Trip Support customers most frequently use—and is working on rapidly working on expanding that to more than 350 destinations.

This includes all destinations where there is a Universal Aviation FBO Ground Services office and a majority of destinations where Universal has a Preferred Ground Handler named.

“Most countries, including the United States, now require a negative viral COVID-19 test for entry,” said Charlie Mularski, Sr. Vice President, International, Universal. “Finding a reliable and reputable testing provider when operating internationally is a huge challenge and area of risk. So we’re taking that burden off our customers. We’ve worked aggressively across our Universal Aviation FBO locations and our Preferred Ground Handler network to establish relationships and select COVID-19 testing providers our customers can rely on.”

Universal leveraged its vast international presence and resources to build a database of global testing providers at its most visited destinations to include:

  • Provider name and information
  • Types of tests available
  • Mobile or onsite testing availability
  • Turnaround times
  • Costs

In addition, Universal’s Hotel Services team is working with major international hotel chains to identify hotels where COVID-19 testing can be facilitated.

“Even with the vaccine starting to roll out, testing will likely be a normal component of international operations for some time,” said Mularski. “At Universal, our main goal is to help our customers reduce their operating risk and navigate the continually-evolving regulatory environment so that they can enjoy safe and successful operations. We view that building this network of COVID-19 teting providers—and continuing to grow it—is critical to ensuring successful missions happen.”

Universal customers interested in information on testing providers should work directly with their Universal® Trip Support team and request a custom Universal® Feasibility Guide for detailed trip-trip intelligence for their destinations of interest.

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