Mediterranean General Aviation Parking Extremely Limited for Summer 2021 – Athens, Rome, Turkey and Nice among impacted destinations

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The General Aviation parking situation on the Mediterranean has become increasingly difficult in recent weeks. Since reopening for tourism, GA traffic to the region has surged.

Pre-COVID, this region presented a challenging parking situation during the summer peak season. With the additional complexity of COVID regulations combined with increased demand, the parking situation for 2021 is even more difficult.

The current issues started in Greece, which was the first major Med country to reopen, leading to an influx of traffic and oversaturation of parking throughout the country. As parking began to run out in Greece, operators began to look to nearby countries for alternates. The current parking shortage has now spilled over into Croatia, France, Italy and Turkey.

As a result, several new regulations limiting GA aircraft parking have been announced. Here’s what you need to know.

Athens now requiring PPR

Starting July 1, Athens is requiring PPR for any flight requesting parking for more than 3 hours. Some preference will be given for cross-continental flights, but missions requesting parking for positioning only will be denied. Our Universal Aviation Greece team is also reporting that parking extensions that were usually granted in Athens are no longer being allowed. Our team is working to find alternative options. Our Greek Islands Peak Season Business Destination Guide has more information.

Greek island resort

Universal Aviation Greece is working to find alternative parking options for customers following the new restrictions announced in Athens.

Rome capping GA movements at 61 per day

Due to the surge in traffic, Rome is now enforcing a 2019 regulation that caps GA movements at 61 per day. This threshold has already been exceeded several times this summer. This eliminates Rome as a repositioning option.

Universal Aviation Italy

Rome is now capping GA movements at 61 per day. Universal Aviation Italy can help find solutions.

Turkey announces restrictive new GA parking limitations

Until Sept. 30, 2021 GA parking will not be allowed at LTFM, LTFE, LTBS, LTBJ, LTBA, LTFJ and LTAI parking. The aircrafts can land and depart to those airports as usual but not park. The max. Duration of the parking is not stated but we assume max 2 hours. Alternatively the aircraft can be parked at the airports ; LTBZ , LTBR , LTAY , LTFC and LTBO without any restrictions.

Universal Aviation Turkey

Turkey recently announced highly restrictive GA parking regulations. Universal Aviation Turkey can help find viable alternatives.

Cannes Film Festival delayed start adding to parking challenges in Nice

Cannes, France

The Cannes Film Festival slated to start in early July, instead of its traditional May schedule) combined with high season traffic is creating parking shortages in Nice. Keep in mind, any request, regardless of how far in advance it’s made, will not be confirmed until 10 days before arrival.

Our Southern France Business Aviation Destination Guide has more information on operating the region.


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