Newly renovated GAT at Madrid Barajas (LEMD) now open

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Madrid GAT

A complete renovation of the general aviation terminal (GAT) at Madrid Barajas Airport (LEMD) was completed in late November 2019. Here is everything you need to know about the enhancements and process for using the facility.

1. About the GAT

In January 2019, it was announced  that Aena SME, S.A., the state-owned company that manages airports and heliports in Spain, had selected a consortium consisting of Universal Aviation Spain, United Aviation Service, and General Aviation Service, to co-manage and renovate the existing general aviation terminals at Madrid Barajas Airport (LEMD) and Barcelona-El Prat International Airport (LEBL). The three companies are contracted to manage the GATs under the names Spanish FBO – Madrid and Spanish FBO – Barcelona, respectively, for the next five years.

2. GAT features

The GAT  features all-new lounges and meeting rooms for crew and passengers. In addition to shared common lounges at each terminal, each of the three companies will also have all new private lounges and facilities for their customers.

3. GAT process

Upon landing, operators will be met at their aircraft and escorted to the GAT, which is about a five-minute drive.

Once in the terminal, all CIQ, passport control, and luggage x-ray will be performed.

Arriving from a Schengen country

Operators arriving from a Schengen country have no additional requirements.

Arriving from a non-Schengen country

Operators arriving from a non-Schengen must always go through passport control. Some non-Schengen countries designated high-risk due to drug trafficking and smuggling. For example Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil will also be required to have their luggage pass through an x-ray.

4. Lounges

After clearing customs, you will enter the main hall of the terminal. From there you can access the shared common lounges at each terminal for a fee, or utilize your handler’s private lounges for free. Universal Aviation Spain recently completely renovated its crew and VIP lounges. 

The renovated GAT features a living wall.


With the completion of this renovation and the new private lounges that are available, you and your passengers can expect an elevated experience next time you travel to Madrid. For more information on operating to Madrid, visit our Destination Guide article.

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