COVID Travel Restrictions Impacting Business Aviation

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Below is the country-by-country summary of countries still closed or requiring quarantine for vaccinated travelers. If you need detailed entry requirements, ARR/DEP logistics procedures, and any other mission planning insights, you get can get them through Feasibility-IQ or your Universal Trip Support Team.

COVID-19 Travel Restriction Updates and Trends

May 26, 2022

    • U.S./Canada/Mexico – Accessible to vaccinated travelers.
    • Caribbean – All countries accessible to vaccinated travelers.
    • Latin America –
      • Our FBOs and ground handling offices in ArgentinaBrazilChileCosta RicaMexico, and Venezuela are ready to support you.
      • Falkland Islands – Restricted. Business flights require special invitation letter. Quarantine and periodic COVID testing required, no exemptions. Leisure flights possible if transiting direct to a private vessel. Contact locator form required. Adequate aeromedical insurance is recommended.
      • Venezuela – Restricted. Accessible with approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Quarantine at government facility required, up to 14 days. Aircraft Disinfection is required.
    • Europe –

Summary info for vaccinated travelers only. Detailed intelligence available. – This is just a reminder that this operational update provides a summary overview to help you assess if entry is feasible. It does not provide details on pre-arrival testing requirements, forms, and other common requirements for entry that are not major blockers for most trips. Quarantine and test on arrival only listed if required for vaccinated travelers.

Information provided below is for vaccinated travelers, which generally have the fewest restrictions to navigate.

For more detailed information and for information for non-vaccinated or recovered travelers, ask your Universal Trip Support team for a Feasibility Guide to get detailed intelligence for your destination of interest.

    • Our FBOs and ground handling offices in IrelandUKFranceGreeceItalySpain and Turkey are ready to support you.
    • Belarus – Travel is impacted by Russia-Ukraine war. Consult with us prior to any planned mission.
    • Moldova – Travel is impacted by Russia-Ukraine war. Consult with us prior to any planned mission.
    • Russia – Conflict zone. Heavily restricted for most operators for both overflight and entry.
    • Ukraine – Active conflict zone. Heavily restricted for most operators for both overflight and entry.
  • Middle East & Africa – More easing.
    • Afghanistan – Political unrest. Military flights only.
    • Benin – Test on arrival and self-quarantine until negative results.
    • Burundi – Travelers must undergo testing upon arrival and self-isolate while waiting for the result.
    • Chad – Testing on arrival required. Travelers must surrender their passports and remain in self-isolation for seven days, with an additional test being performed on the seventh day in isolation. Travelers in Chad for fewer than seven days do not need to quarantine. .
    • Djibouti – All travelers entering the country will be tested upon arrival and must wait at the port of entry until the results become available.
    • Equatorial Guinea – A three-day hotel or at-home quarantine is mandatory for all travelers arriving by air, land, and sea borders. A PCR test must be taken after the three-day isolation period. .
    • Israel – Open. Tourists are allowed regardless of vaccination. PCR testing on arrival is required for everyone, including crew. Quarantine until results are known. Health insurance required for foreign nationals. Our Universal Aviation in Tel Aviv can support you in Israel.
    • Madagascar – Very restricted. Open to U.S. passengers with special permission only. Test on arrival and health screening.
    • Reunion Island – Open. Testing required on arrival and for departure. Self-isolation required.
    • Rwanda – Charter tourism and business flights allowed. Passenger locator form and testing on arrival. Mandatory quarantine for 24 hours at a designated hotel until results are known. COVID test required to exit country.
    • United Arab Emirates – Open, but entry requirements vary by emirate. Emirates Airlines has a great tool for checking this. For Dubai, authorities may require PCR test on arrival and quarantine until results known. Health insurance and tracer app required. More on Dubai here. For Abu Dhabi, there is no need to quarantine for fully-vaccinated travelers. More on Abu Dhabi here.
    • Yemen – U.S. passengers are allowed entry for business. Testing and quarantine required.
    • Ask your Universal Trip Support team for a Feasibility Guide to get detailed intelligence for your destination of interest.
  • Asia-Pacific –
    • Our FBOs and ground handling offices in ChinaJapanPhilippinesSingaporeSouth Korea, and Thailand are ready to support you.
    • American Samoa – Open to vaccinated U.S. pax with special permission.
    • Azerbaijan – Open. U.S. travelers need special permission and meet certain criteria. Negative COVID test required for departure.
    • Bhutan – Restricted. Quarantine required.
    • Brunei Darussalam – Effective May 06, Brunei will lift green list categorization. Fully-vaccinated arrivals from any country may enter for non-essential purposes. Insurance, mobile app and test on arrival required.
    • China – Remains highly restrictive. Testing on arrival and quarantine required for those who can get in. Universal Aviation China is in close contact with local authorities and will be reporting on the latest.
    • Cook Islands – Closed. Travel is open via New Zealand if you meet their boarder requirements.
    • Hong Kong – Restricted. As of May 1, vaccinated non-resident travelers allowed to enter. Stringent testing, vaccination and quarantine required for most travelers including crew.
    • Japan – Country began easing on March 1, starting with business-purpose flights (not leisure). Travelers from low-risk countries with valid vaccination certificate can avoid quarantine by testing negative upon arrival. Mobile App required. Universal Aviation Japan is ready to support you.
    • Kiribati – Closed.
    • Laos – Entry allowed for approved travelers with valid visa and arrivals from some countries under travel green zone (including U.S). Test on arrival, quarantine, Health insurance and mobile app required.
    • Macau – Closed. Foreigners remain prohibited and require prior approval. Travellers from extremely high-risk countries (including U.S) are subject to enhanced testing and quarantine measures. COVID test required on all outbound flights. Aircraft disinfection required.
    • Marshall Islands – Closed.
    • Micronesia – Closed.
    • Myanmar – As of Apr 17, Myanmar resumed commercial flights and e-visas for business travel. Test on arrival and quarantine until negative result confirmed.
    • Nauru – Closed.
    • Niue – Closed.
    • New Zealand – Restricted. Travelers from 60 countries on the visa-waiver list, including the U.S. and travelers with existing valid visitor visas will be able to enter New Zealand starting May 1. No self-isolation. Test on arrival required. Aircraft disinfection required. Full entry details online.
    • Samoa – Closed.
    • Solomon Islands – Closed.
    • Taiwan – Closed. Passengers with Taiwanese Alien Resident Certificates are allowed entry. As of Mar 7, travelers may enter for business with special permit. Leisure not allowed. Travelers must submit proof that they have suitable accommodations. Test on arrival and quarantine required.
    • Timor-Leste – Restricted. Quarantine required.
    • Tonga – Closed.
    • Turkmenistan – U.S. passengers are allowed for business, with prior approval through diplomatic channels. Testing upon arrival and quarantine is required in a state-run facility required. Vaccinated travelers can have quarantine period reduced to 7 days. Negative COVID test required for departure.
    • Tuvalu – Closed.
    • Vanuatu – Closed.
    • Wallis and Futuna – Closed.

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