Chairman’s Note: Living Legends of Aviation!

PT 2 M minute read

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

What a humbling honor to kickstart an amazing 2023!

Growing up in an aviation family, there are several things that my father and Universal founder, Tom Evans, ingrained in me from a very early age.  He knew that the secret sauce of Universal’s success was always the amazing people we have around the world, and our tremendous customers, whose missions drive the global economy.

Last week I was inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation, and those early lessons flooded back again.

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As a Living Legend, I continue the privilege of representing the enduring vision of my father and every Universal team member and customer since 1959, whose passion for aviation made our accomplishments possible.

Over my 35+ year career, it is your shoulders I have been supported by every day. I can’t thank you enough for all your support, your love, and your friendship over the years that led to this moment.

I was humbled and honored as I stood on the stage surrounded by aviation icons and celebrities like Buzz Aldrin, John Travolta, and William Shatner. But, more than that, I was proud to be included among business aviation icons previously inducted into the Legends, like Ed Bolen, Larry Flynn, Patt Epps, Clay Lacy, and many others.

To join them in this year’s group of Legends is something I will never forget.

Congratulations as well to Mike Silvestro, CEO of Flexjet, for being awarded the Lifetime Aviation Industry Leader Award, and Dan Drohan, Founder of Solairus Aviation, for earning the Kenn Ricci Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award! These two individuals have made significant contributions to our industry. I have unmeasurable respect for them and am thrilled they received these much-deserved honors.

I truly thank God for the many blessings that have been put in my life and for being part of this wonderful business aviation family.

This honor is certainly an excellent kickstart to what I believe is another great year for business aviation.

Thank you again to my amazing, supportive, and loving wife, Claudia, and my incredible daughters, Sarah and Catherine. My stepmother, Marjorie Evans, and all of our awesome customers and the entire Universal Family around the world.

Warmest regards,