Las Vegas (Oct. 4, 2017) – Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. (exhibit # C10431) has launched a 2018 Russia World Cup planning website ( and will have experts from Universal Aviation Russia available at NBAA2017 to help discuss planning strategies for operators planning on attending the event.

The 2018 Russia World Cup will take place from June 14 through July 15 at 11 locations throughout the country. The opening ceremony and final match will take place in Moscow. Currently, it’s estimated that 3 million visitors will attend the games which will increase congestion at many airports.

“Operators should begin pre-planning for this event, as the increased traffic will limit services such as parking and hotels, and create delays at the airports themselves,” explained Dmitry Konovalov, General Director, Universal Aviation Russia. “Based on our experience with previous high-traffic events like the 2014 World Cup and the Sochi Winter Olympics, we anticipate NOTAMs will be issued 3-6 months prior to the event and slots will be allocated 2-3 weeks before the opening ceremony.”

The Universal 2018 Russia Would Cup resource center will be updated as information changes and will include: permit requirements, flight planning details, visa considerations, airport information, NOTAMs, and information on securing third-party providers for fuel, handling, catering and security.

“In most cases, parking at primary airports will be permitted for a maximum of two hours. Be ready to relocate or plan on multiple flights,” said Konovalov. “To help you avoid the risk and stress associated with traveling to such a high-traffic event, our Universal Aviation Russia team will be on the ground 24/7, providing supervision and personal assistance at all key airports throughout the country.”

NBAA2017 attendees with questions about operating to the 2018 Russia World Cup are encouraged to visit Universal exhibit #C10431 to speak with Konovalov or one of the planning experts. For more information, please visit and the Universal Operational Insight Blog on operating to Russia at

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