Our industry and Universal needs your help!

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Our industry and Universal needs your help!

Dear Friends,

It’s that time again – time for us to step up as an industry, let our collective voices be heard and protect our industry and livelihoods! As you can read in NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen’s letter, the issue of privatizing air traffic control paid for by user fees is once again rearing its ugly head.

If passed, imagine the trickledown effect: reduced access to airports and airspace and higher costs to fly. That could ultimately lead to lower aircraft utilization; fewer aircraft, pilots, schedulers, dispatchers and other flight department members, FBO and other service provider employees. This means jobs!

We must come together to fight for our industry. NBAA continues to make it easy for us to do so. Just push the Contact Congress button in Ed’s letter. We know they listen because it’s worked before. Please join me in telling Congress that a privatized air traffic control funded with user fees is not an acceptable solution!

Greg Evans
Chairman of the Board
Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.
Chair, NBAA AMAC Committee