Milan Ops: 2016 Euro Football Champions League Final

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Milan Ops: 2016 Euro Football Champions League Final

This is a post by author Stefano Bruno. Stefano is the station manager for Universal Aviation Italy – Milan-Linate, which has Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) and ground support locations at Rome (LIRA), Venice (LIPZ), Milan-Linate (LIML), and Milan-Malpensa (LIMC). Stefano is an expert on business aircraft operations in Italy. He can be contacted at

Milan’s Stadium Giuseppe Meazza will host the 2016 Euro Football Champions League Final on May 28. This is a very large event for the Milan area, and the 79,000 seat stadium is expected to sell out. For general aviation (GA) operations to Milan during the Champion League Finals, there are many operating considerations to be mindful of.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Preferred airports

Both Milan airports – Linate (LIML) and Malpensa (LIMC) – are available for general aviation. Logistically, LIML is the preferred option as its just 25 minutes (without traffic) to the stadium. LIMC, on the other hand, is a 45-minute commute (without traffic) to the event venue. Neither location has airport slots nor prior permission required (PPR) mandates in place. However, be mindful that both are Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) airports. While A-CDM procedures help optimize taxi times, they can be somewhat restrictive in terms of operational flexibility.

2. Stage 2 restrictions

Both LIML and LIMC have operating bans in effect for Stage 2 aircraft. However, special exemptions may be possible. This would need to be coordinated via your 3rd-party provider and/or ground handler and is at discretion of airport authorities to approve or not.

3. LIML operating information

LIML will operate as a 24-hour airport of entry (AOE) during the Euro Football period. Under normal conditions this airport has periodic night closures, as advised by NOTAM. LIML has a general aviation terminal (GAT), and all GA movements are handled at this facility. This location normally has GA parking availability for approximately 40 mid-to-larger size business jets, as well as four parking stands on the north apron. If parking fills up, airport authorities may issue restrictive NOTAMs, limiting GA stays to an hour on the ground. At this time, authorities have advised that they will implement a prior permission required (PPR) for April 26-29, with more information to be known in the future. During this event, runway 35/17 will be closed and used as a remote parking area. The GAT at LIML is an independent terminal offering in-house customs, immigration, and quarantine (CIQ) clearance 0900-1700 local. Clearance is always possible outside these regular hours, but customs and immigration officers must come over from the main terminal and this could cause slight delays. CIQ clearance here for passengers and crew usually takes five to 10 minutes but may be slightly longer for non-Schengen flights.

4. LIMC operating information

LIMC is a 24-hour AOE. This location has no GAT, and all GA arrivals clear within Terminal 2. For CIQ clearance, the ground handler escorts crew and passengers to the terminal where they’ll clear in the same lines as scheduled commercial passengers. Clearance time is approximately 15-25 minutes, depending upon traffic and whether your flight is Schengen or non-Schengen. There are times when CIQ may allow crew and passengers to be expedited via a separate line, but this is at their discretion.

5. LIMC NOTAMs for the Euro Football final

NOTAM A2046/16 indicates that:

  • ground handling assistance may suffer delays during this event period
  • diverted traffic, other than emergency diversions, will not be accepted
  • GA flights will not be permitted to land at LIMC, other than based aircraft or night stop repositions (in this case, a reposition is defined as a ferry flight)

6. Alternate airports

If you’re not able to obtain overnight parking at either LIML or LIMC, Turin (LIMF) is the recommended parking alternate, and it’s a 24-hour AOE. You may also consider Brescia (LIPO) and Parma (LIMP) – both being AOEs. However, they have night closures in effect from time to time, so it’s always recommended to check active NOTAMs. While these alternates do not have airport slot requirements, PPRs are needed but are not difficult to obtain.

7. Permit requirements

Private non-revenue operations to Italy do not require landing permits, but charter (non-scheduled commercial) movements always do. Note that prior to requesting a landing permit, charter operators must have obtained Third Party Operator (TCO) registration. For first time charters to Italy, plan on about 45 business days lead time for a landing permit, after receiving TCO registration. For more information on Italian charter permits see our articles:

8. Hotels and local transport

Hotel accommodations will be in very high demand throughout the Milan area during the 2016 Euro Football Final. Beware of elevated crew accommodation rates of as much as 2,000 € per night for 5-star accommodations in the downtown area and 350 € per night or above for most 4-star hotel options. As many downtown hotels are already sold out, you may need to look for crew accommodations in outlying areas.

For local transport we recommend prepaid transport (car with driver), but these options will be in high demand. Expect delays in securing public taxis as well as slow point to point travel, due to high volumes of street traffic and road closures close to the stadium during the final – afternoon of May 28 through evening of May 29.

9. Aircraft disinsection requirements

Italy is particularly stringent in terms of Zika virus preventative measures. ICAO standard residual disinsection of aircraft has now been mandated throughout Italy for aircraft arriving from outside the country. If you’ve not had this process completed prior to arriving in Italy, it’s possible to have it performed at either LIML or LIMC. Note that disinsection can take as long as three hours and can cost up to several hundred €. For more information on these aircraft disinsection requirements see our article titled “Zika Virus and Business Aviation: Considerations for International Operators.


Operators heading to Milan for or during the 2016 Euro Football Final should be prepared for high traffic and airport congestion along with sold out and expensive hotels, potential limited parking options, A-CDM requirements, and residual disinsection mandates. First time charter operators need to be mindful of applicable permit lead time requirements.


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