Helping Humanitarian Medical Supply Missions During the COVID-19 Crisis

PT 2 M minute read

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are in an unprecedented and trying time for our industry and the world. Business aviation missions are still flying and are now more critical than ever as we battle the global coronavirus pandemic.

Humanitarian cargo flights delivering essential medical supplies and tests are saving lives!

Together we need to find a way through the continually-changing, restrictions now in place that are impacting international operations around the globe.

Effective immediately, Universal Trip Support is waiving its fees on 1) trip feasibility assessments, research, and consultation services and 2) ground handling setup charges (third-party fees still apply), for any mission classified as a humanitarian medical supply flight. If you are considering a mission like this, we will do the leg work to tell you what is possible at no cost.

This includes making sure you know the current restrictions, which are changing by the hour, what you are allowed to do, any crew restrictions and local quarantines in place, what you can expect on arrival, the documents you’ll need, the questions you’ll be asked by authorities, and what services are still in operation and available to you.

Since the start of the pandemic, our people around the globe have been diligently supporting missions of these types and finding solutions to make them happen. A recent example is the complicated delivery of one million masks and half a million test kits from China to the U.S., donated by Alibaba founder, Jack Ma.

While that flight made international headlines, most, like this one, don’t—but they are no less crucial!

We recognize that in this complex COVID-19 operating environment, no international flight is routine, and some domestic ones are becoming challenging as well. We’re ready to call on our global resources to help.

Our trip support team in the U.S., UK, Hong Kong, and Brazil, in coordination with our 50+ Universal Aviation ground handling locations, are working day and night to stay on top of daily changes in operating restrictions. They are ready to ensure you have the right information and know all the options available to you—so that your critical missions WILL BE a success.

If you have an upcoming humanitarian medical supply flight and need help, contact any of our trip support teams.

Now is the time for business aviation to come together and support each other. Not just for our industry, but for the people that fight this pandemic and those in need.

Let us know how we can support you and ensure that business aviation continues to Move Organizations That Move the World!