Chairman’s Note * Reflecting On a Milestone in Business Aviation – One Million G550 Landings!

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

There was impressive news earlier this month that got me reflecting on the past 20 years of incredible achievements within our industry.

As announced by Gulfstream earlier this month, their iconic G550 private jet fleet accomplished a landmark moment – its one-millionth landing.

This milestone, reached twenty years after the G550’s impressive debut, powerfully underlines Gulfstream’s steadfast commitment to durability, performance, and the pivotal role of business aviation in knitting together our global community. It’s truly an achievement to marvel at!

Think about it for a moment. One million landings! That’s not just a number; it’s a symbol of countless impactful connections these flights have made all over the globe.

Picture a million opportunities – for business collaborations, for life-saving humanitarian missions, for families reuniting, and for keeping the wheels of the global economy spinning.

Each landing has its own unique story, its own goal realized, and its own mission accomplished.

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen firsthand the incredible value and immense satisfaction this extraordinary aircraft brings to its operators and passengers.

We take great pride in having had the opportunity to support many of these pivotal missions, each contributing to the profound impact the G550 has made across the globe.

Congratulations to Gulfstream, the operators who skillfully flew the G550s and the many supportive supply chain service providers who helped enable these million landings.

Your combined excellence has led us to this inspiring milestone!

Here’s to a future filled with more shared successes!

Warmest Regards,