Chairman’s Note – London’s Northolt Airport (EGWU) – Universal chosen to manage VIP GAT

PT 2 M minute read

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you in good health.

Despite the unprecedented strain and stress the pandemic has put on our industry, I remain very bullish on business aviation for the long-term. I, personally, see light at the end of the tunnel as we receive more and more good news on vaccines, and travel becomes safer as a result.

As a company, Universal is continuing to invest, including expansion into key locations around the world where we offer solutions on the ground, and reduction in Mission Risk.

Along that line, I am very excited to announce that, effective Jan. 1, 2021, Universal Aviation UK will add its second London-area location at Northolt Airport (EGWU).

We were recently chosen by the Royal Air Force to manage all over-the-wing ground handling and the VIP general aviation terminal at Northolt Airport. We will also be managing all business and private aviation within the airport’s terminal, including the General Aviation Terminal, reception, lounges, and the security screening area.

Northolt Airport is an essential and strategic addition to our network, located just 35 minutes by car to Central London, making it an excellent option if you have business in that area.   That said, we encourage customers to be aware that this is a Military Airport, and there are some restrictions to access and hours.

Moving forward, our presence on the ground will make Northolt an easier, more accessible option for our customers looking for an alternative to other more congested airports close to the city.

With this newest location, we now have a total of 19 UA locations in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region. This is in addition to our 17 locations in the Asia-Pacific region and 19 in Latin America for 50+ locations across 25+ countries.

As we “finally” head toward the end of 2020, I would love to hear your plans for 2021.  If there are specific locations you’d like to see us expand to, I’d love to hear that as well.

Until then, please stay safe, and I hope to see you all again soon.