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Completed: Sale of UVair Fuel Division to World Fuel Services

Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. has completed the sale of its UVair Fuel Division to World Fuel Services (WFS).

About this Sale

You can read the September 2019 announcement here.

For all missions managed by Universal, World Fuel is now our exclusive fuel provider. Our customers will continue to benefit by having their fueling arrangements managed seamlessly in conjunction with their Universal trips, just as they always have—only now with access to World Fuel’s global fuel supply network to better support their evolving needs.

By selling the UVair Fueling Division, Universal will continue to invest and grow in areas our customers are asking us to be today and in the future – in Trip Support Services; in digital platforms; in new and existing FBO ground services locations around the world; in our Air Culinaire Worldwide catering network; in our ground transportation division; and in new areas where we will touch our customers tomorrow through our continually-expanding global footprint.


How this impacts you

Universal is committed to our customers and their missions. Our focus throughout this sale has been to ensure continuity for customers, with minimal adverse impact to their fuel operations.


For all Universal Customers:

Your Universal account and line of credit remain active for any non-fuel-related services, and your Universal account number stays the same. It’s business as usual at Universal. Only now, the UVair Fuel Program is part of World Fuel.

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For UVair Fuel Program members:

Your fuel account is now with World Fuel. Your UVair Fueling Card, now part of Word Fuel, will be honored at card-accepting locations and will continue to work the same way it did before, and the main phone and email address for UVair will remain active—managed by World Fuel. Any fuel arrangements you’ve already made for any upcoming trips will not be impacted.

Customers should note that they may continue to receive invoices from Universal for fuel purchases made prior to the close.

World Fuel will provide updates regarding the status of your fuel account and the UVair Fuel Program. You can find more information on World Fuel’s website at wfscorp.com/newuvaircard.

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For Universal® Trip Support customers:

We recognize the importance of continuing to support our customers’ fuel arrangements, on the ground, in conjunction with all other mission needs.

World Fuel is now the exclusive fuel provider for Universal for all missions managed by Universal Trip Support.

If you are arranging fuel on your own with a different supplier, just provide that information to your trip support team so they can include that with your other ground services requests for the ground handler.

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For uvGO users:

Fuel pricing and the ability to request setups from World Fuel is now available in uvGO. For the uvGO iPad and iPhone apps, please make sure to download the latest versions from the App Store on the close date.

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PR Contact

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Senior Manager
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