On-Aircraft Health Testing Services

Securing mandatory pre-arrival heath test results for COVID and other infectious diseases creates scheduling challenges and various risks for passengers and crew on international missions.

Maximize your operational flexibility and stay in control of every step of the process by self-administering required infectious diseases tests – safely and discretely – onboard your own aircraft.

You and Your Passengers Will Love It

Having your own testing solution on-board gives you peace of mind and complete flexibility to perform testing when you need to in the privacy of your own aircraft.

Reduces wasted time on the ground sourcing tests, coordinating with a third-party technician, and arranging extra transportation

Puts total control of the testing process in your hands: more privacy, better data security, and better physical safety

You maintain the testing timeline and when test results are delivered

Maximizes your ability to adjust to last-minute schedule changes and passenger additions

Options for different testing types depending on your travel requirements

The ultimate in convenience and adjusts to your itinerary

From an Expert in Mobile Lab Testing

Cedars Health, an expert in mobile laboratory services, offers this CLIA-approved program for designating your N-registered aircraft as a mobile laboratory so you can conduct tests on-demand.

Cedars Health will help you with your initial set up and will provide ongoing remote training, support, and test analysis.

How it Works

Complete our mobile lab certification process for your designated crew and aircraft. Takes under 3 weeks. Certified crew will be able to collect samples and run pre-arrival infectious disease tests on-board each lab-certified aircraft whenever they need, wherever they are.

Raw test data will be securely transmitted to Cedars Health which will analyze the information and send you the official test results report within 15 min.

What Flight Departments Are Saying

We had an unplanned passenger join a return trip to the U.S. Thanks to this, we were able to provide last minute testing with no impact to our schedule. – U.S-based Private Operator

“We had a last-minute itinerary change that included a stop in Barbados. Unfortunately, the country required an alternate sample collection method to the tests we already had already taken. Luckily, we had the appropriate test kits onboard the aircraft, and Cedars Health was able to remotely train us on the alternate technique. It worked out beautifully.” – OEM

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