Your Personal Concierge on the Ground

Air2Ground Concierge (A2G) is a global concierge network dedicated to ensuring the success of your mission at your destination—by offering a high-touch level of service focused on the passenger and crew, beyond that of what you typically receive from the ground handler.

A2G is exclusively available on missions coordinated by your Trip Support Services team.

The Need

A2G was created to drive down operating risk and stress on the ground by providing a higher level of on-site management than what you typically get at challenging and high-risk destinations. This includes destinations:

  • That are highly congested to the point where extra attention is needed to ensure consistently smooth service
  • With regulations, restrictions, or practices that are not optimal for general aviation (GA) operations
  • Not experienced in GA operations
  • Lacking infrastructure
  • Not experienced in GA large aircraft operations
  • Where a Universal Aviation® FBO or ground support location isn’t already established

An Extension of Your Team

A2G works as a direct extension of your Universal® trip support team. And A2G is only available on those missions managed by your team.

When you arrange a mission through your Universal® trip support team to a destination supported by A2G, an A2G agent is automatically mobilized to be your extra level of support — when you land and for the duration of your trip.

You can think of each A2G representative as your personal go-to person on the ground.

Overseeing All On-Airport Arrangements

Each A2G agent provides on-site coordination and QC of all third-party services, 24 hours in advance of your arrival.

  • Slots and parking
  • Ground transportation
  • AOG support
  • Customs/Immigration facilitation
  • Escorting passengers through the airport
  • Managing last-minute changes
  • Handling
  • Catering

And many of our agents are trained to the same stringent standards for quality, safety, compliance, and customer service used in Universal Aviation® FBOs and ground support locations.

Off-Airport Attention and Special Requests

A2G can also help facilitate any off-airport, special, or last-minute requests from passengers and crew.

  • Souvenirs and special shopping requests
  • Shows and tickets
  • Dining arrangements
  • Schedule changes
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Helicopter charters
  • Local insights and recommendations


All of Africa, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Southern France, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.— and our network is continuing to grow.

OAIXAfghanistanBagram AirfieldSama Jet
OAKBAfghanistanKabul International AirportSama Jet
OAKNAfghanistanKandahar International AirportSama Jet
LATIAlbaniaTirana AirportEuroJet
DAAGAlgeriaHouari Boumediene AirportSwissport
DAAJAlgeriaTiska AirportSwissport
DAATAlgeriaAguenar-Hadj Bey Akhamok AirportSwissport
DABBAlgeriaRabah Bitat AirportSwissport
DAUGAlgeriaNoumerat-Moufdi Zakaria AirportSwissport
DAUHAlgeriaOued Irara-Krim Belkacem AirportSwissport
FNCTAngolaCatumbela AirportBest Fly
FNLUAngolaQuatro de Fevereiro AirportBest Fly
FNSOAngolaSoyo AirportBest Fly
FNUBAngolaMukanka AirportBest Fly
TAPAAntiguaV. C. Bird International AirportSignature
AllArgentinaAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
UDYZArmeniaZvartnots International AirportEuroJet
YBSUAustraliaSunshine Coast AirportFlight Options
YSSYAustraliaSydney International AirportUA
OBBIBahrainBahrain International AirportBlue Aviation
VGHSBangladeshHazrat Shahjalal International AirportASL
EBAWBelgiumDeurne AirportAir Service Liege (ASL)
DBBBBeninCardinal B. Gantin International AirportGAS
VQPRBhutanParo International AirportCI
TNCBBonaire IslandFlamingo International AirportBonaire Handling
LQSABosniaSarajevo International Airport.EuroJet
FBFTBotswanaFrancistown AirportGAS
FBKEBotswanaKasane AirportGAS
FBSPBotswanaSelebi Phikwe AirportGAS
FBSKBotswanaSir Seretse Khama International AirportGAS
FBMNBotswanaMaun AirportGAS
AllBrazilAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
LBSFBulgariaSofia AirportEuroJet
DFFDBurkinaOuagadougou AirportAviation Flt Support
HBBABurundiBujumbura International AirportGAS
VDSRCambodiaSiem Reap International AirportRoyal Group
VDPPCambodiaPhnom Penh International AirportRoyal Group
VDPPCambodiaPhnom Penh International AirportRoyal Group
FKKDCameroonDouala AirportGAS
FKKLCameroonMaroua Salak AirportGAS
FKKRCameroonGaroua International AirportGAS
FKYSCameroonYaounde Nsimalen AirportGAS
GVACCape VerdeAmilcar Cabral International AirportSafeport
FEFFCentral African RepublicBangui M Poko AirportGAS
FTTCChadAbeche AirportGAS
FTTJChadN'Djamena International AirportGAS
SCELChileA.M. Benitez International AirportAviasur
AllChinaAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
FMCHComoros IslandsMoroni Hahaia AirportGAS
AllCosta RicaAll Airports - UA LocationsA2G
DIAPCote D'IvoireFélix-Houphouët-Boigny International AirportGAS
DIYOCote D'IvoireYamoussoukro International AirportGAS
LDDUCroatiaDubrovnik AirportEuroJet
LDZACroatiaZagreb AirportEuroJet
LDDUCroatiaDubrovnik AirportEuroJet
LDPLCroatiaPula AirportEuroJet
MUHACubaJose Marti International AirportMapiex International
MUVRCubaJuan Gualberto Gomez International AirportMapiex International
LCLKCyprusLarnaca International AirportSkylink
LCPHCyprusPaphos International AirportSkylink
LKPRCzech RepublicVaclav Havel AirportEuroJet
LKPRCzech RepublicVaclav Havel AirportEuroJet
LKMTCzech RepublicMosnov AirportEuroJet
LKTBCzech RepublicTurany AirportEuroJet
FCBBDemocratic Republic of CongoBrazzaville Maya Maya AirportGAS
FCODDemocratic Republic of CongoOllombo AirportGAS
FCPPDemocratic Republic of CongoPointe Noire AirportGAS
FZAADemocratic Republic of CongoKinshasa Ndjili International AirportGAS
FZFDDemocratic Republic of CongoGbadolite AirportGAS
FZICDemocratic Republic of CongoKisangani Bangoka International AirportGAS
FZNADemocratic Republic of CongoGoma International AirportGAS
FZQADemocratic Republic of CongoLubumbashi International AirportGAS
FZWADemocratic Republic of CongoMbuji-Mayi AirportGAS
EKCHDenmarkKastrup-Copenhagen AirportASE
HDAMDjiboutiDjibouti Ambouli AirportGAS
AllDominican RepublicAll Airports - UA LocationsA2G
SEGSEcuadorSeymour AirportJet Handling
SEGUEcuadorJose Joaquin De Olmedo AirportJet Handling
SEMTEcuadorEloy Alfaro AirportJet Handling
SEQMEcuadorNew Mariscal Sucre International AirportJet Handling
SESTEcuadorSan Cristoval AirportJet Handling
HEALEgyptAl Alamain International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEAREgyptEl-Arish International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEATEgyptAsyut AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEAXEgyptAlexandria International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEBAEgyptBorg El Arab International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEBLEgyptAbu Simbel AirportNile Valley Aviation
HECAEgyptCairo International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HECPEgyptCapital International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEGNEgyptHurghada International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEGOEgyptEl Gouna AirportNile Valley Aviation
HELXEgyptLuxor International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEMAEgyptMarsa Alam International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEMMEgyptMersa Matruh International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HEPSEgyptPort Said AirportNile Valley Aviation
HESHEgyptSharm El Sheikh International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HESNEgyptAswan International AirportNile Valley Aviation
HESXEgyptSphinx International AirportNile Valley Aviation
FGSLEquatorial GuineaMalabo International AirportGAS
FGBTEquatorial GuineaBata AirportGAS
HHASEritreaAsmara International AirportGAS
HHMSEritreaMassawa International AirportGAS
HHSBEritreaAssab AirportGAS
EETNEstoniaTallinn AirportFCG
FDMSEswatiniMatsapha AirportGAS
FDSKEswatiniKing Mswati III International AirportGAS
HAABEthiopiaBole AirportGAS
HAAMEthiopiaArba Minch AirportGAS
HABDEthiopiaBahir Dar AirportGAS
HADREthiopiaDire Dawa International AirportGAS
HALLEthiopiaLalibela AirportGAS
HAMKEthiopiaMekele AirportGAS
EFHKFinlandHelsinki Vantaa AirportJETFLITE
EFKTFinlandKittila AirportJETFLITE
AllFranceAll Airports - UA LocationsA2G
FOOGGabonPort Gentil AirportGAS
FOOLGabonLéon-Mba International AirportGAS
FOONGabonFranceville Mvengue Airport
GBYDGambiaBanjul International AirportGAS
UGTBGeorgiaTbilisi International AirportEuroJet
EDDBGermanyBerlin/Brandenburg International AirportBAS
EDDFGermanyFrankfurt Main AirportCorporate Jet Service
EDDKGermanyKoln Bonn AirportGAS
EDDMGermanyMunchen AirportGAS
EDDPGermanyLeipzig Halle AirportGAS
EDDSGermanyStuttgart AirportGAS
EDMOGermanyOberpfaffenhofen AirportGAS
EDDHGermanyHamburg AirportHAS
EDDLGermanyDusseldorf AirportJet Aviation
DGAAGhanaKotoka AirportAviance Ghana
DGSIGhanaKumasi AirportAviance Ghana
AllGreeceAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
TGPYGrenadaMaurice Bishop AirportSCGAIR
TGPYGrenadaMaurice Bishop AirportSVG AIR
TFFRGuadeloupePointe-à-Pitre International AirportCaraibes Handling
PGUAGuamAndersen Air Force BaseGuam Flt Services
MGGTGuatemalaLa Aurora International AirportASSA FBO GUATEMALA
MGMMGuatemalaMundo Maya International AirportASSA FBO GUATEMALA
GUCYGuineaConakry AirportAstra
GGOVGuinea-BissauOsvaldo Vieira International AirportGAS
MTCHHaitiCap-Haïtien International AirportH.A.T Enterprises, S.A.
MTPPHaitiToussaint Louverture International AirportH.A.T Entreprises, S.A.
LHBPHungaryLiszt Ferenc International AirportEuroJet
AllIndiaAll Airports in IndiaCI
WIMMIndonesiaKualanamu International AirportPT Karisma
WIIIIndonesiaSoekarno–Hatta International AirportPT Karisma
WADDIndonesiaNgurah Rai International AirportPT Karisma
WIHHIndonesiaHalim Perdanakusuma International AirportPT Karisma
ORBIIraqBaghdad International AirportJet Business Solutions FZCO
ORKKIraqKirkuk International AirportJet Business Solutions FZCO
AllIrelandAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
LLBGIsraelBen Gurion AirportQAS
AllItalyAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
AllJapanAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
OJAIJordanQueen Alia International AirportArab Wings
OJAMJordanAmman Civil Airport / Marka International AirportArab Wings
UACCKazakhstanNursultan Nazarbayev AirportEuroJet
UAAAKazakhstanAlmaty AirportEuroJet
HKISKenyaIsiolo AirportAGSC
HKJKKenyaJomo Kenyatta International AirportAGSC
HKKIKenyaKisumu International AirportAGSC
HKMOKenyaMoi International AirportAGSC
HKNLKenyaNanyuki Civil AirportAGSC
HKNWKenyaNairobi Wilson AirportAGSC
UCFMKyrgyzstanManas AirportEuroJet
EVRALatviaRiga AirportFCG
OLBALebanonBeirut Rafic Hariri International AirportSky Lounge
FXMMLesothoMoshoeshoe I International AirportGAS
GLRBLiberiaMonrovia Roberts International AirportGAS
EYVILithuaniaVilnius AirportFCG
FMMIMadagascarAntananarivo Ivato International AirportGAS
FMMTMadagascarToamasina AirportGAS
FMNAMadagascarAntsiranana Arrachart AirportGAS
FMNMMadagascarPhilibert Tsiranana AirportGAS
FMNNMadagascarNosy-Be Fascene AirportGAS
FMSDMadagascarTolagnaro Maurillac AirportGAS
FMSTMadagascarToliara AirportGAS
FWCLMalawiChileka AirportGAS
FWKAMalawiKaronga AirportGAS
FWKIMalawiKamuzu International AirportGAS
FWUUMalawiMzuzu AirportGAS
VRDAMaldivesMaafaru International AirportSkytours
VRMGMaldivesGan International AirportSkytours
VRMMMaldivesVelana International AirportSkytours
GABSMaliPres. Modibo Keita-Senou AirportGAS
GAGOMaliGao International AirportGAS
GAMBMaliMopti Barbe AirportGAS
GATBMaliTombouctou AirportGAS
LMMLMaltaMalta International AirportDC Aviation
LPPTMaltaLisbon AirportDC Aviation
TFFFMartiniqueMartinique Aimé Césaire International AirportAirport Management Services
GQNKMauritaniaKaedi AirportAir Service
GQNOMauritaniaNouakchott International AirportAir Service
FIMPMauritiusSir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International AirportYu Lounge
FMCZMayotte IslandsDzaoudzi Pamandzi AirportGAS
AllMexicoAll Airports - UA LocationsA2G
LUKKMoldovaChisinau AirportEuroJet
GMMEMoroccoRabat-Sale AirportSwissport
GMMNMoroccoMohammed V International AirportSwissport
GMMXMoroccoMarrakesh Menara AirportSwissport
GMTTMoroccoTanger Ibn Batouta AirportSwissport
FQBRMozambiqueBeira AirportOptiflite
FQMAMozambiqueMaputo AirportOptiflite
FQNCMozambiqueNacala AirportOptiflite
FQNPMozambiqueNampula AirportOptiflite
FQPBMozambiquePemba Airport AirportOptiflite
FQVLMozambiqueVilankulo AirportOptiflite
VYYYMyanmarYangon International AirportWah Wah
FYWBNamibiaWalvis Bay AirportA2G Africa
VNKTNepalTribhuvan International AirportCI
VVPKNepalPleiku AirportCI
EHBKNetherlandsMaastricht AirportAir Service Liege (ASL)
MNCENicaraguaCosta Esmeralda AirportNVC Services
MNMGNicaraguaAugusto C Sandino AirportNVC Services
DNAANigeriaNnamdi Azikiwe International AirportExecujet
DNAKNigeriaAkure AirportExecujet
DNBENigeriaBenin AirportExecujet
DNIBNigeriaIbadan AirportExecujet
DNKANigeriaKaduna International AirportExecujet
DNKNNigeriaKano Mallam Aminu International AirportExecujet
DNMANigeriaMaiduguri AirportExecujet
DNMMNigeriaLagos Murtala Muhammed AirportExecujet
DNPONigeriaPort Harcourt International AirportExecujet
ENGMNorwayOslo Gardermoen AirportSundt Air Executive Handling
ENZVNorwaySola AirportSundt Air Executive Handling
OOMSOmanMuscat International AirportJETEX
MPDAPanamaEnrique Malek International AirportMapiex International
MPEJPanamaEnrique Adolfo Jimenez AirportMapiex International
MPMGPanamaMarcos A Gelabert International AirportMapiex International
MPPAPanamaPanama Pacific AirportMapiex International
MPSMPanamaCap Scarlet Martinez AirportMapiex International
MPTOPanamaTocumen International AirportMapiex International
SGASParaguaySilvio Pettirossi AirportConsorcio Aviation SRL
SPJCPeruJorge Chavez International AirportServicio de Aviación
SPJCPeruJorge Chavez International AirportServicio de Aviación
AllPhilippinesAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
EPBYPolandBydgoszcz Ignacy Jan Paderewski AirportEuroJet
EPGDPolandGdańsk Lech Wałęsa AirportEuroJet
EPKKPolandBalice John Paul Ii International AirportEuroJet
EPKTPolandKatowice AirportEuroJet
EPLBPolandLublin AirportEuroJet
EPLLPolandŁódź Władysław Reymont AirportEuroJet
EPMOPolandWarsaw Modlin AirportEuroJet
EPPOPolandPoznań–Ławica AirportEuroJet
EPRZPolandJasionka AirportEuroJet
EPSCPolandSolidarity Szczecin–Goleniów AirportEuroJet
EPWAPolandWarsaw Chopin AirportEuroJet
EPWRPolandStrachowice AirportEuroJet
EPZGPolandZielona Góra AirportEuroJet
LPAZPortugalSanta Maria AirportOmni Handling
LPCSPortugalCascais AirportOmni Handling
LPFRPortugalFaro AirportOmni Handling
LPMAPortugalMadeira AirportOmni Handling
LPPDPortugalPonta Delgada AirportOmni Handling
LPPRPortugalPorto AirportOmni Handling
LPPTPortugalLisbon AirportOmni Handling
TJSJPuerto RicoLuis Muñoz Marín International AirportAirport Aviation Services
OTBDQatarDoha International AirportBlue Aviation
OYSNRepublic of YemenSanaa International AirportGAS
FMEEReunion IslandsSt Denis Gillot AirportGAS
FMEPReunion IslandsSt Pierre Pierrefonds AirportGAS
LRCKRomaniaMihail Kogalniceanu AirportEuroJet
HRYRRwandaKigali International AirportAstra
PGSNSaipan IslandSaipan International AirportPOI Aviation
FPPRSao Tome and PrincipePrincipe AirportGAS
FPSTSao Tome and PrincipeSao Tome International AirportGAS
OERKSaudi ArabiaKing Khalid International AirportJASA
OEJNSaudi ArabiaKing Abdulaziz International AirportJASA
GOBDSenegalBlaise Diagne AirportGAS
GOGSSenegalCap Skiring AirportGAS
GOOYSenegalLeopold Sedar Senghor International AirportGAS
GOSSSenegalSaint Louis AirportGAS
GOTTSenegalTambacounda AirportGAS
LYBESerbiaBelgrade Nikola Tesla AirportEuroJet
LYBESerbiaBelgrade Nikola Tesla AirportEuroJet
GFLLSierra LeoneFreetown Lungi AirportGAS
WSSLSingaporeAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
WSSSSingaporeAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
LJLJSlovakiaLjubljana Joze Pucnik AirportEuroJet
LZIBSlovakiaM R Stefanik AirportEurojet
LJLJSloveniaLjubljana Jože Pučnik AirportEuroJet
HCMFSomaliaBender Qassim Internation AirportGAS
HCMKSomaliaKisimayu-Kismayo AirportGAS
HCMMSomaliaMogadishu AirportGAS
FAORSouth AfricaO.R. Tambo International AirportFireblade
RKSISouth KoreaIncheon International AirportUbjet
RKSISouth KoreaIncheon International AirportUbjet
RKSSSouth KoreaGimpo AirportUbjet
HSSJSouth SudanJuba International AirportGAS
AllSpainAll Airports - UA LocationsA2G
VCBISri LankaBandaranaike International AirportCI
TNCMSt MaartenPrincess Juliana International AirportExecujet
TVSCSt Vincent and the GrenadinesCanouan AirportSVG AIR
TVSVSt Vincent and the GrenadinesE T Joshua AirportSVG AIR
HSSKSudanKhartoum International AirportGAS
ESSASwedenStockholm/Arlanda AirportASE Handling
LSGGSwitzerlandGeneva AirportJet Aviation
UTDDTajikistanDushanbe AirportEuroJet
AllThailandAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
TTCPTrinidad and TobagoArthur N. R. Robinson AirportPiarco
TTPPTrinidad and TobagoPiarco International AirportPiarco
DTMBTunisiaHabib Bourguiba International AirportService Air Tunisia
DTNHTunisiaHammamet AirportService Air Tunisia
DTTATunisiaTunis–Carthage International AirportService Air Tunisia
DTTJTunisiaZarzis AirportService Air Tunisia
AllTurkeyAll Airports - UA LocationsUA
UTAATurkmenistanAshgabat International AirportApogee
TISTU.S. Virgin IslandsCyril E King AirportStandard Aviation
HUENUgandaEntebbe International AirportGAS
HUGUUgandaGulu AirportGAS
AllUkraineAll AirportsShannon Air
OMDBUnited Arab EmiratesDubai International AirportExecujet
OMDWUnited Arab EmiratesAl Maktoum InternationalExecujet
OMAAUnited Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi International AirportRoyal Jet
AllUnited KingdomAll Airports - UA LocationsA2G
SULSUruguayCaptain Curbelo International AirportPike Aviation S.A.
SUMUUruguayCarrasco International AirportPike Aviation S.A.
UTTTUzbekistanTashkent Karimov International AirportEuroJet
AllVenezuelaAll Airports - UA LocationsA2G
AllVietnamAll AirportsT&T
FLHNZambiaHarry Mwaanga Nkumbula AirportGAS
FLKKZambiaKenneth Kaunda International AirportGAS
FLKSZambiaKasama International AirportGAS
FLMFZambiaMfuwe AirportGAS
FVBUZimbabweJoshua Mqabuko Nkomo International AirportBig Dot
FVCZZimbabweChiredzi Buffalo Range AirportBig Dot
FVFAZimbabweVictoria Falls International AirportBig Dot
FVJNZimbabweJoshua Mqabuko Nkomo International AirportBig Dot
FVRGZimbabweHarare International AirportBig Dot