Unlimited datalink for any aircraft, anytime.

Through our partnership with Satcom Direct, you get unlimited SATCOM & SITA VHF ACARS datalink for ANY business aircraft you operate, regardless of avionics. Combine datalink with our online flight planning system, and you can build, file, and uplink flight plans directly to your aircraft – online or via your Apple® iPad® through uvGO.

What you get.

Worldwide coverage 

Stay connected through worldwide SITA VHF, Iridium SATCOM, and Inmarsat SATCOM networks, as well as AVICOM VHF (Japan) and DECEA VHF (Brazil) networks.

Support for all business aviation avionics types

Including Airbus ATSU, Bombardier Vision, Gulfstream PlaneView®, Honeywell AFIS, Honeywell MARK II CMU, Honeywell MARK III CMU, Honeywell Primus Epic®, Dassault EASy, Rockwell Collins CMU/RIU, Rockwell Collins Fusion, Teledyne Controls TeleLink®, and Universal Avionics UniLink®.*

*Some older avionics types may require modifications or upgrades.

Integrated online flight planning

Upgrade your datalink subscription to include our online flight planning system, allowing you to build, file, and uplink flight plans directly to your aircraft.

Online and mobile accessibility

Graphically track the position of your fleet. View message history. Access to online flight planning and other services you receive from Universal. All through uvGO.

Driven by a trusted name

Datalink services are provided by Satcom Direct® and are 100% integrated with uvGO.

What you can do.

Flight deck

  • Uplink flight plans and weather to your FMS
  • Uplink flight plans from Universal and
    third-party providers
  • Graphical flight deck weather
  • Message direct to your Universal® trip support team
  • Aircraft-to-aircraft communications
  • E-mail, fax, and text from FMS
  • Premium geolocation-based services
  • Enables use of SD FlightLogs, the automated flight logs solution

ATS Services

  • Pre-Departure Clearances (PDC/DCL)
  • Digital Airport Terminal Information Service (D-ATIS)
  • Terminal Weather Information for Pilots (TWIP)
  • ATC Advisory
  • Fully-automated Oceanic Clearances (OCX)
  • North Atlantic Track (NAT) messages
  • FANS ADS-C and CPDLC capability
  • Link 2000+/ATN

Ground Operations

  • View position detail information for every aircraft in your fleet on an interactive map
  • Message to aircraft
  • Out/Off/On/In (OOOI) messages
  • Access message history to and from the aircraft
  • Automatic message forwarding for aircraft flight messages and reports (delay, diversion, ETA, position, etc.)


  • Engine data monitoring
  • Downlink requests for maintenance actions at destination stations