World Cup 2014 Business Aviation Update: Part 2 – Permits & Slots

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World Cup 2014 Business Aviation Update: Part 2 – Permits & Slots

This is a post by author Marcia Taue. Marcia is the operations manager at Universal Aviation Brazil, which has aircraft ground handling facilities in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Manaus, Recife, and Rio de Janeiro. Marcia is an expert on business aircraft operations in Brazil and can be contacted at

This business aviation blog post continues from our article last week, entitled "World Cup 2014 Business Aviation Update: Part 1 – Airports & Parking."

All General Aviation (GA) operators traveling to Brazil during the World Cup period should obtain Brazilian domestic operating permits. Domestic permits are needed when making more than one stop in country, and you’ll likely require a second stop in order to reposition. Keep in mind that the only aircraft likely to receive slots for primary airports will be official Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) flights and head of state flights. World Cup sponsors should communicate directly with official entities handling the event regarding any aircraft parking they’re seeking. This is because most GA movements will not be able to secure parking/airport slots at primary World Cup destination airports.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Airport slots will be required

All host city airports with the 2014 World Cup will require airport slots. Specifically, the following airports require slots at this time:

  • Guarulhos (SBGR)
  • Congonhas (SBSP)
  • Campinas (SBKP)
  • Sao Jose dos Campos (SBSJ)
  • Galeao International (SBGL)
  • Santos Dumont (SBRJ)
  • Jacarepagua (SBJR)
  • Tancredo Neves (SBCF)
  • Pampulha (SBBH)
  • Brasilia International (SBBR)
  • Goiania (SBGO)
  • Pinto Martins International (SBFZ)
  • Guararapes (SBRF)
  • Augusto Severo (SBNT)
  • D. Luis Eduardo Magalhaes (SBSV)
  • Marechal Rondon (SBCY)
  • Campo Grande (SBCG)
  • Afonso Pena (SBCT)
  • Bacacheri (SBBI)
  • Florianopolis (SBFL)
  • Eduardo Gomes International (SBEG)
  • Salgado Filho (SBPA)

Additionally, Marte (SBMT) and Jundiai (SBJD) will also require airport slots during the World Cup period.

2. Slot procedures/tips

Airport slot regulations for the World Cup period will be issued May 1. Operators may apply for slots beginning May 15. With each slot request, you’ll need to submit all required aircraft documents to the Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil for the domestic permit. It’s important to ensure that your most recent aircraft documentation is submitted for the Brazil domestic permits and that this documentation does not expire close to or during the event. If you need to revise/update any documentation, it’s recommended that this be done by May 10. Your domestic permit, known as an "AVANAC," must be confirmed before airport slots may be requested. Process for obtaining the on-line airport slots requires that you submit your AVANAC to the airspace control management navigation (known as "CGNA") website. Once the CGNA site is open for airport slot requests, all airport slots (for the entire event) will be available there. Be aware that if you submit requests after May 15, odds for obtaining slots will be slim as all other requests will be considered first.

3. Airport slot validity

Airport slots for Brazil have a deviation of -5/+15 minutes for arrivals/departures. Limited slot tolerances will be allowed if a delay is caused by bad weather or airspace control. If you miss an airport slot for any other reason, this will likely result in a fine, a diversion to an alternate airport, or both.

4. Airport slot revisions

If you have a confirmed airport slot, you’ll be permitted to keep it while applying for a revised slot. You cannot, however, possess two airport slots at the same time. It’s important to be aware that after an airport slot has been confirmed, the opportunity to revise slots will be slim. If you don’t use an approved slot or cancel it less than 1 hour 30 minutes prior to the approved time, you’ll be fined. There’s also the possibility that your domestic operating permit may be cancelled in the event an approved airport slot is not used. That would bar you from operating domestically within Brazil. Parameters for such fines and other penalties, however, are unknown at this time.

5. Resources

For the latest information on trip planning into Brazil during the World Cup period, visit the Brazil 2014 Trip Planning Resource Center.


Submit your schedule with correct documentation as early as possible in order to obtain a domestic operating permit for Brazil. This permit will be needed in order for your ground handler to request airport slots. Consider drop/goes and parking your aircraft at an alternate airport as primary destinations will have very limited parking and crew accommodation options.


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