Venezuela Flight Planning Changes – What you need to know

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Venezuela Flight Planning Changes – What you need to know

This is a post by author Sabrina Lindo. Sabrina is the assistant manager for Universal Aviation Venezuela – Caracas, which has an aircraft ground handling facility in Caracas. Sabrina is an expert on business aircraft operations in Venezuela and can be contacted at

The flight plan process requirements in Venezuela have recently changed. In addition to navigating the new documentation requirements, you’ll also need to plan for additional time at the airport terminal prior to departure. Here’s an overview of what you need to know:

1. Flight plan requirements have changed

In order to be able to file a flight plan in Venezuela, the flight plan must be approved by the local airport Instituto Nacional de Aeronautica Civil (INAC) officer. This requires that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) format flight plan be physically stamped by the local INAC agent.

2. Specific documentation must be provided

In order for the INAC officer to approve a flight plan, the pilot must provide the following documentation:

  • Copy of navigation aid clearance or INAC statement with no pending payments due for overflight or use of navigational aids
  • Licenses and current medical records for both pilots
  • An apostilled insurance certificate
  • Aircraft registration certificate
  • Copy of notification form sent to INAC

3. All documentation must be checked and confirmed

Once the INAC officer has verified all the documents and confirms that they’re correct, he/she will stamp and approve the flight plan filing. Only after that can your ground handler proceed with filing the flight plan.

4. There’s a waiting period to consider

After a flight plan is filed, it takes approximately one hour for air traffic control to have it actively on file and to be ready to approve aircraft departure.

5. Delays may occur at times

INAC has only one officer on duty to approve flight plans, and he or she works on a first-come, first-served basis. So, on busy weekends and holiday periods, this process can take longer. Operational delays may occur without sufficient lead time.

6. Plan on extra time for quick turns in Venezuela

Flight plan processing requirements impact time on the ground for quick turns and technical stops. For Venezuela, plan on a minimum of 1.5 hours for a quick turnaround.

Closing thoughts

It’s recommended that crew arrive at the airport terminal at least three hours prior to departure when remaining overnight in Venezuela. That will give the crew sufficient time to have all departure paperwork ready and approved before passengers show up. Your ground handler in Venezuela cannot speed up the flight plan approval and processing procedure.


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