Update! We need you to contact Congress TODAY to oppose ATC privatization! No time to wait!

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UPDATE: Due to Hurricane Irma, the Speaker cancelled votes on Monday, September 11, but the airlines are still working to get the votes to get this to the House Floor this month, and WE MUST PREVENT THESE VOTES!

We need you to act today! The time to act and oppose legislation (HR 2997) that will privatize air traffic control and devastate our industry is now – not tomorrow, or next week! The vote is very close and could be going to the House floor as soon as next Wednesday unless we act immediately! If passed, control of ATC will be removed from the FAA and turned over to the airlines, which do not have the best interests of business aviation in mind.

This is the biggest battle that our industry has faced, and the fight is here to protect our access to airports and airspace.

What we need you to do today!

The most effective way to stop this from reaching the House floor is to call your congressman now! It doesn’t matter if you’ve already done so, we need you to do call again! We cannot wait this time! NBAA has made it easy to do so through its automated call system. Simply call NBAA’s toll free action line at 833-GA-VOICE. The automated system is easy to use and will walk you through the steps. A brief script of what to say is at the end of this message.

Other ways to help

With many of us still recovering from the devastation of Harvey and even more now preparing for Irma, I know the time is not ideal, but unfortunately we cannot wait. Our thoughts and prayers remain with all of you! Together we’ll defeat this legislation and work together to overcome the devastation of these natural disasters.


Greg Evans

What to say when you call 833-GA-VOICE: I’m calling to oppose HR2997, to privatize air traffic control. The bill would take aviation oversight out of the hands of my elected officials, and give it to a private group, unaccountable to congress. So, please, oppose HR2997. Thank you.