Universal is prepared for Hurricane Laura

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Thank you for entrusting us with the success of your missions.

With current models indicating Hurricane Laura will impact the greater Houston area when in makes landfall along the Texas-Louisiana border late this evening/early Thursday morning, Universal has activated its business continuity plan. We do not anticipate any significant disruption to our customers, and we will continue to be fully operational 24/7 in support of your critical missions.

Our business continuity capabilities have been proven effective during previous weather events such as Hurricanes Ike and Harvey – and most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we rapidly transitioned to a nearly 100% remote working environment. Key elements of our disaster preparedness include:

  • Two geographically diverse data centers which offer us excellent disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities by positioning key IT resources and data out of typical Gulf Coast weather events.
  • Pre-positioning employees outside the impact zone, as needed, in case of power outages, and remote access capabilities for all employees.
  • Backup generator power at our Houston headquarters facility.
  • Four (4) trip operations centers able to provide backup and overflow support — Houston, Sao Paulo, London-Stansted, Hong Kong.
  • Redundant employee job functions and backup skills training.

Again, we do not anticipate any delays or impact to our ability to support you before, during, or after landfall of Hurricane Laura. Please continue to contact us as usual.

Best regards,

From all of us at Universal

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