Time to renew Mexico annual permits

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As one of the few countries in the world that has remained completely open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico airports and tourist hotspots have remained popular. Traffic has been increasing steadily in recent months. Operators who plan to make two or more operations to Mexico in 2022 should consider applying for a Mexico annual permit.

Here’s what you need to know:

What are the benefits of an annual Mexico permit?

An annual Mexico permit allows unlimited private entries into Mexico and any number of stops within the country, saving operators the time of applying for single-entry permits.

How long are the permits valid?

Annual permits are valid the entire calendar year (January 1-December 31).

Applying for an annual permit

Applications must be submitted to Mexico’s Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC). AFAC is still working at reduced capacity.

When should I apply for the annual permit?

The suggested lead-time for annual permits is one month. It’s best to make the application in September so that your annual permit will be active January 1. AFAC takes about 15 working days to process an annual permit (this could be longer this year due to reduced capacity), and subsequent permit revisions also take 15 working days to process. To ensure there is no disruption to your operation, it’s best to submit no later than November 30, 2021. Applications are accepted after this date, however, with the limited amount of personnel in AFAC, there is no guarantee the permit will be issued prior to January 1.

Annual permits are issued to each individual tail number – so it’s best to obtain a permit for the aircraft that will regularly operate to Mexico. While a permit number does not need to be placed in the flight plan remarks section, operators need to keep the original permit confirmation onboard, along with receipt of permit payment.

What documents are required?

Private non-revenue operators must provide copies of airworthiness and registration certificates, pilot licenses and medical certificates, along with proof of Mexican insurance and a worldwide insurance policy.


September is typically the best month for private operators to apply for an annual Mexico permit. We recommend applying now to ensure your permit is approved in time for January 1, as AFAC is working at reduced capacity. For more information on applying for an annual Mexico permit, contact Universal’s Global Regulatory Services team.

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