The Winning Team – What Air Charter Can Offer to Passengers

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The Winning Team – What Air Charter Can Offer to Passengers

This is a post by guest author Pat Lambrix of Soluna Air Charter. Pat was asked to contribute to our business aviation blog because of her experience and expertise in chartering aircraft. Any thoughts expressed below are entirely Pat’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

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Corporate and luxury travelers have so many options today that making a decision can be overwhelming. Sometimes, having too many options is just as bad as not having enough. To many, a trusted travel team can be a relief. This winning combination includes a reputable air charter broker and a great travel agency. I call it the Broker/Travel Agent "Team."

For many well-heeled business travelers, time is a greater priority than cost. Luxury and business travelers generally know the value of paying an expert to make their trip arrangements. Not only does it save them a great amount of planning, but also they get a better overall experience.

Here are the four most important things that business and luxury travelers want from their air charter broker and travel agent teams:

1. Value to passengers

When planning a trip, luxury travelers, just like budget travelers, are looking for great value. However, when people talk about planning trips, they often define the concept of "value" too narrowly. "Value for money" doesn’t have to mean "cheap" or "the lowest price possible."

Air charter is a value because one pays for one trip – with no overhead fees or long-term commitments – and guests travel according to their schedules in comfort.

A broker that collaborates with a travel agency will be able to secure upgrades for his or her clients’ accommodations or other travel plans, which is the real added value.

2. Convenience in concierge service

A broker-travel agent team can make travel efficient. The team members’ experience navigating the maze of aircraft operators, safety records, prices, crew availability, and room availability, along with other details, allows for a streamlined service. The combined expertise helps to 1) optimize clients’ trips so that clients have the most direct flights – at the best times, with the shortest layovers; 2) find the best ground transportation when they land; and 3) transport them safely and comfortably to their hotels.

The team can also act as a concierge. Travelers already on their trips may decide to add new activities, like an event or show at a destination. Good brokers and agents can work on those requests right away. They may even be able to come up with tickets or obtain access that was not available to the general public. Many hotels or theaters keep rooms or seats available only for their best customers, who are often top air charter brokers or reputable travel agencies.

3. Custom trip planning and personalized itineraries

Another service that luxury travelers want from their team is personalization, especially when flights are canceled due to weather, or plans are otherwise disrupted. One quick call, and the team will work to make all adjustments, rearrange flights, and coordinate accommodations by offering exclusive options.

An experienced air charter broker can offer aircraft alternatives and help clients make decisions if the clients are visiting several locations. A good team can help arranging unique travel experiences for all travelers, even with customized catering specifications.

4. A personal relationship

While online booking is convenient, it lacks personalized customer service. Working with an agent and broker for travel can allow a team to be sensitive to clients’ expectations, tastes, and budget. Computer algorithms may come close to guessing what someone may like, but providing relevant advice for clients is something that only a travel agent and air charter broker can offer.

Closing thoughts

An experienced charter broker and travel agent team can offer clients economic advantages and meet clients’ wants and needs. Such a team is able to add value and personalized service while being able to adapt to changes at a moment’s notice.


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