Operating a business jet to the Brazilian presidential inauguration

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Brazil presidential inauguration Jan. 1, 2019 – High traffic anticipated

On Jan. 1, 2023, Brazil will inaugurate its President-elect. We anticipate heavy business aviation traffic to Brazil for this event, including many chiefs of state. Our local handling partner in Brasilia, Icaro Taxi Aéreo, helped us put together everything operators planning to travel to the inauguration or who will be in the region need to know.

SBBR will be the primary airport

Brasília International Airport (SBBR) will be the primary airport of entry for operators attending the inauguration. This is a 24-hour AOE with full services, an FBO and no PPR mandate.

Slots are not expected to be required.


Chiefs of State will need to apply for a diplomatic permit (AVOEM), which is the permit issued for official and military flights. The request must be placed by the military attaché sited on the Embassy in Brazil. The permit is requested to the Brazilian ministry of defense.

The AVOEM will contain the route approved. The flight plan can only be filed with the correct route and correct AVOEM number. The operator must ensure the service provider has the AVOEM document with proper information, so the services can be properly secured.

The AVOEM also must inform if the aircraft will be able to operate at the military ramp and if it will be possible to overnight at the military ramp.

General aviation operations will need a civil permit, which can be arranged by your service provider.

*Beware of domestic permit lead times: Some operators of General Aviation will need to perform tech stops in Brazilian territory or will spend New Year’s Eve at touristic locations, such as Rio de Janeiro and then proceed to Brasilia on January 1st. For those operators, a domestic permit will be required. It needs to be granted before arrival and has a 48 business hours lead time. Because of the holidays, this lead time can increase, so it is important to take this into consideration when planning your trip.

For permit assistance, please contact Universal Aviation Brazil.

Clearing CIQ

General aviation flights with an AVOEM will be approved to clear CIQ at the airbase. All other flights must clear CIQ in the main terminal.

Parking requirements

  • Diplomatic flights – In order to park at the airbase, in the AVOEM, it will be necessary to show the approval, otherwise, the aircraft will need to be towed to terminal. Most official flights take place on the military ramp, which has ample parking, but ground support equipment must be scheduled in advance.
  • General flights – Apron 5 and apron 2 will hold all parking. Aircraft will be towed into narrow positions. Make sure to bring a towbar onboard.

Bring a towbar

Although taxi-out positions can be granted, the number of operations on inauguration day may create the need to tow aircraft. Towbars can be rented for many aircraft types, but it is recommended to bring your own, as there are many flights expected and the distances are large.

Ground Service Equipment

Planning in advance will grant the proper availability of ground service equipment. Beware the aircraft profile of official flights is composed of large aircraft that demand stairs, GPU, and belt loaders, and the earlier it can be reserved, the better.

Landing fees

Payment is made at the main terminal directly to the airport authority. U.S. dollars currency is not accepted. Real (Brazilian currency) or credit cards are accepted. The service provider can make the payment on the operator’s behalf.

Some countries have agreements with Brazil granting exemptions for either parking, navigation, or landing fees. The type of flight and type of aircraft will also affect pricing.


Due to the high number of flights, ground support equipment may be limited, so it is a good idea to confirm handling as soon as possible so the service provider can have time to properly schedule their equipment.

Hotel availability

A shortage of hotels is expected as the city has historically had difficulties accommodating incoming hotel traffic during big events. This inauguration promises to attract a lot of people.


Fuel quality is good at SBBR; however, due to the expected high amount of flights, it is recommended to schedule fuel service in advance. All major fuel cards are accepted, but the physical card is needed. Otherwise, a fuel release will need to be presented.


During high-traffic periods, catering requests can be backed up. Please ensure the catering orders are placed in advance, so the service provider can have time to translate it and produce. Last-minute changes will likely not be accepted.



The upcoming Brazil presidential inauguration is expected to bring significant business aviation traffic to Brasilia, Brazil on Jan. 1, 2023. This includes large numbers of heads of state in addition to regular general aviation. In order to ensure slots, parking and ground handling availability, it is advised that operators begin planning now. Our local ground handling partner, Icaro Taxi Aéreo, is available in Brasilia and ready to assist your mission.

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