New Russia CIQ procedures for precious metals and stones

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New Russia CIQ procedures for precious metals and stones – How this could impact your bizav mission

A new Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation regarding declarations of precious metals went into effect Nov. 24, 2018 and could impact your business aviation mission. Here’s what you need to know in order to comply and avoid fines and or potential criminal liability.

1. All precious metals and stones valued at more than 100K RUR ($1,500 USD) must be declared

The new decree now requires that all departing and arriving passengers on international flights to/from Russian Federation or the countries of Customs Union must now declare all precious metals and stones valued at greater than 100K RUR ($1,500 USD).

2. What items are included in this decree?

According to the decree, this includes precious metals and stones, as well as natural pearls; pocket and wristwatches with a body made of precious metal; watch body, straps and bracelets for watches made of precious metal, ores and concentrates of precious metals.

3. What are the penalties for not declaring these items?

The decree states that if the customs authority does not confirm that the goods for personal use are imported into the customs territory of the Union after they had been temporarily exported from this territory, such goods are subject to customs duties and taxes.

Further, When the new rules come to the legal power the smuggling of these goods which total value exceeds 1 million rubles will result in the criminal liability as per Article 226.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

4. View the full decree here

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