Middle East and Africa: Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on business aviation

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Africa COVID restrictions

Middle East & Africa COVID Restrictions

Jan. 20, 2022

Summary info only. Detailed intelligence available – Pre-arrival testing requirements, health forms, quarantine details, local curfews, and scenario-specific info have been omitted from this overview. Ask your Universal Trip Support team for a Feasibility Guide to get detailed intelligence for your destination of interest.
Travelers from outbreak & variant virus hotspots – Many countries are restricting entry for travelers who have visited an outbreak and/or variant virus hotspot, including Brazil, India, and South Africa. Travelers from neighboring countries may also be restricted.

⚠️Omicron Update: We are not annotating every country that is banning travelers who have visited any of the eight African hotspot countries. We are annotating countries that are banning travel from countries outside of Africa that have reported Omicron infections or that have closed their borders completely. We are not including COVID pre-arrival testing requirements for most countries since it is a common requirement. Check with us for specifics.

  • Afghanistan – Political unrest. Military flights only.
  • Angola – Testing upon arrival and departure required. Travel registration form and mandatory quarantine for at least 10 days required. Flights to and from Australia, Aircraft disinfection required.
  • Bahrain – Vaccinated foreign nationals with valid visa are allowed entry. Vaccinated travelers are exempt from quarantine, as long as they test negative for COVID upon arrival. Smartphone app required.
  • Benin – Open to U.S. passengers. Testing upon arrival and departure required.
  • Botswana – Accessible. No quarantine, unless coming from a high-risk country. Test on arrival required and an additional test on departure.
  • Burkina Faso – Locator form and health declaration required. Testing required for departure.
  • Burundi – U.S. passengers can enter with government approval. Test on arrival and self-isolation required while awaiting results.
  • Cape Verde – All int’l flights are allowed.
  • Central African Republic – Open with stringent health requirements. U.S. citizens may have to quarantine.
  • Chad – Open. Testing on arrival required. Travelers must surrender their passports and remain in self-isolation for seven days, with an additional test being performed on the seventh day in isolation. Travelers in Chad for fewer than seven days do not need to quarantine.
  • Comoro Is.– Open to U.S. passengers. Health survey, aircraft disinfection, visa, and pre-departure test required. No quarantine.
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of (DRC) – Health forms required. Private flights authorized on a case-by-case basis. Testing on arrival required. Outbound test required within 72 hours prior to departure from DRC.
  • Cote d’Ivoire – Open to U.S. passengers. Testing and health screening upon arrival. Testing required for departure.
  • Djibouti – U.S. passengers are allowed. Flights must get permission. Mandatory COVID-19 testing on arrival and departure.
  • Egypt – All airports are open. Tourism is limited to resorts. No quarantine. Aircraft disinfection required. Health insurance required. Test on arrival dependent on recent travel history. Fully-vaccinated individuals, except those from high-risk countries, are exempt from taking a PCR test if they have an approved vaccination certificate with QR code.
  • Equatorial Guinea – Some essential business flights allowed. Testing upon arrival and quarantine required. Travelers from countries with variant strains of the disease may be prohibited from entering the country UFN. Health insurance required.
  • Eritrea – U.S. citizens can enter with a valid visa and a special invitation letter. Diplomatic permission required for all landings. Rapid COVID-19 antigen test upon arrival required. PCR test required for departure.
  • Eswatini (Swaziland) – Open to U.S. passengers. Health screening upon arrival. Aircraft disinfection required.
  • Ethiopia – Open with quarantine. Aircraft disinfection required. Pre-departure test with Trusted Travel.
  • Gabon – Open. Proof of vaccination required to bypass quarantine. Test upon arrival and on departure required. Individuals will have to show a negative COVID-19 PCR test or a vaccination certificate to access public places.
  • Gambia – Open. Travelers arriving from hotspot countries, including the U.S., will be required to undergo testing upon arrival.
  • Ghana – Government authorization and vaccination is needed for entry. Test on arrival and prior to departure required.
  • Guinea – U.S. passengers allowed for business. Health declaration form required. Negative COVID test required for departure. Travelers who are arriving from locations where variants of COVID-19 are known to be circulating must present a vaccination certificate, test upon arrival, and may be subject to quarantine.
  • Guinea-Bissau – U.S. passengers allowed. No quarantine.
  • Iran – Vaccinated travelers are allowed and exempt from quarantine, with pre-arrival testing. U.S. passengers allowed entry with an Iranian visa. Aircraft disinfection required.
  • Israel – Israel is open to fully vaccinated travelers, with last jab within 180 days, or those with proof of recovery AND at least one job of the vaccine. PCR testing on arrival and departure is required for everyone, including crew. Quarantine until results are known. Our ground handling office in Tel Aviv is monitoring the latest.
  • Jordan – Open to fully-vaccinated travelers. Testing on arrival required. No quarantine. Health insurance, aircraft disinfection and tracing app required. Visa on arrival now available for GCC countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, EU countries, Switzerland, and UK.
  • Kenya – Open to 200+ nations/states, including U.S. Proof of vaccination required. No quarantine. Test required to exit.
  • Lebanon – Vaccinated travelers are exempt from quarantine. Health insurance and test on arrival required. Self isolate until results are known.
  • Liberia – Open. Proof of vaccination required. Mandatory testing on arrival and departure. Liberia Travel App download and health screening arrival form required.
  • Madagascar – Very restricted. Open to U.S. passengers with special permission only. Test on arrival and health screening. Self-isolation 5 days.
  • Malawi – Open. Electronic vaccination certificate required for entry. Travelers without the electronic vaccination certificate and who refuse to take vaccination on arrival will be quarantine for 10 days. Test on arrival and testing on departure required.
  • Mali – Open. Quarantine not required. Departure test required.
  • Mauritania – Open. Testing required to depart.
  • Mauritius Is. – No quarantine for vaccinated travelers. Testing, health insurance, and aircraft disinfection required.
  • Mayotte – Open for vaccinated travelers. Test on arrival required.
  • Morocco – Morocco has closed its borders to all flights at this time due to the Omicron variant.
  • Mozambique – Open. Business travel permitted (including for U.S. citizens). Testing on arrival required. Aircraft disinfection required.
  • Namibia – Open. No quarantine for fully vaccinated. Testing required to depart.
  • Niger – Open. CAA might require MOFA approval. 7-day self-isolation required. Testing required for departure.
  • Nigeria – Open. Vaccinated travelers are not be required to quarantine. Test on arrival and departure required. Health form portal.
  • Oman – Vaccine certificate is required for entry. With a negative PCR test done on/before arrival, quarantine not required. Officials have lifted entry restrictions for foreigners with visas. Health insurance and smartphone app required. Authorities have suspended the option to isolate at a private residence UFN.
  • Qatar – Vaccinated U.S. travelers (currently on Red List) and those from the Green List can enter. Vaccinated travelers from Green List countries are exempted from quarantine, as long as pre-arrival testing is provided. Testing on arrival is required. Smartphone app required. Visitors from countries on the Red List are subject to on arrival testing and hotel quarantine until results known.
  • Republic of Congo – Authorities resumed international air travel. Vaccinated travelers are exempted from pre-arrival testing. Test on arrival required. No quarantine requirements for crew. Must provide a negative test for departure.
  • Reunion Island – Open. No quarantine for vaccinated travelers. Testing required for departure.
  • Rwanda – Charter tourism and business flights allowed. Passenger locator form and testing on arrival. Mandatory quarantine for 24 hours at a designated hotel until results are known. COVID test required to exit country.
  • Sao Tome & Principe – Open to domestic and international travel with government approval at least 72 hours prior to arrival. Aircraft disinfection required.
  • Saudi Arabia – Allowing travelers from the U.S, UK, and other countries. Tourist Visa issued for fully vaccinated travelers. Booster shot required if more than 8 months have passed since last dose, effective Feb 1. On-arrival and pre-departure PCR test required. Immunized travelers do not require quarantine or on-arrival testing. Heath Insurance required. Smartphone app required.
  • Senegal – Open. Passengers must complete a passenger locator form online and present it on arrival.
  • Sierra Leone – Open. No quarantine for vaccinated travelers. Test on arrival required. Aircraft disinfection required.
  • Seychelles – See official website for details. Travel health insurance required.
  • Somalia – Open, with quarantine.
  • South Africa – Allowing travel into/out of South Africa for business, leisure, and other travel. Travelers must be screened on arrival. Health insurance required.
  • South Sudan – Open. No quarantine for vaccinated travelers. Aircraft disinfection required.
  • Sudan – Open. Quarantine measures lifted for all travelers with proof of a negative COVID test.
  • Tanzania – Open. Pax will undergo advanced screening on arrival.
  • Togo – Open. COVID-19 test required upon arrival and departure. Quarantine while awaiting results. Aircraft disinfection required. Contact tracing app required.
  • Tunisia – Effective Dec 1, vaccination mandatory for entry. Foreign travelers allowed, subject to approval by CAA. No quarantine required for vaccinated pax/crew.
  • Uganda – All international passenger flights allowed. Aircraft disinfection required. Immunized travelers must still present a negative COVID-19 test result. Test on arrival required.
  • United Arab Emirates – Open, but entry requirements vary by emirate. Emirates Airlines has a great tool for checking this. UAE will issue tourist visas for fully vaccinated persons traveling from all countries. PCR test on arrival required. Health insurance and tracer app required. More on Dubai here. Abu Dhabi removed the need to quarantine for all fully-vaccinated travelers arriving from international destinations. Travelers who have recently visited “high-risk” countries are subject to stringent testing and quarantine measures.
  • Yemen – U.S. passengers are allowed entry for business. Vaccinated travelers are exempted from quarantine.
  • Zambia – Open. Travelers arriving from countries deemed high-risk are required to quarantine for 10 days at a government designated facility. Test on arrival required. Vaccinated travelers with a negative test result are exempt from quarantine requirements.
  • Zimbabwe – Open. All travelers need to quarantine for 14 days. Test on arrival required.
  • Ask your Universal Trip Support team for a Feasibility Guide to get detailed intelligence for your destination of interest.

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