Mexico: COVID travel restrictions

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Mexico COVID travel restrictions

Mexico COVID travel restrictions impacting business aviation

This article covers the latest Mexico COVID travel restrictions impacting business aviation, including testing, quarantine, and entry requirements. Ask your Universal Trip Support team for a Feasibility Guide to get detailed intelligence for your destination of interest.

Oct. 22, 2021

  • Mexico is open and accessible.
  • Our ground handing teams in Mexico (Mexico City/TolucaLos CabosCancunCozumelPVMonterrey, etc.) are available to support your missions.
  • Renew Your Mexico Multiple Entry Permits Now – AFAC’s physical offices remains closed but is processing AOC renewals and modifications, one time permits, blanket permit modifications, and blanket permit verifications remotely/online. Note that AFAC is working under reduced staffing hours, so application processing will take longer than normal. For assistance with your Mexico permits, we can help.
  • Do this now to ensure your permits are approved in time for Jan. 1, as AFAC is working at reduced capacity, and it normally pauses on processing permits mid-Dec through early-Jan. Read our blog article for more on this, and why you should get this permit if you do multiple trips to Mexico a year. We can take care of this for you.
  • There is a no-touch Covid-19 health assessment form, which is required on arrival/departure. After completing the form, print or screen cap the QR code that is generated for easy access. You’ll need to present this to the health inspectors upon arrival into Mexico. Here is the link: – Note that you need to actually copy/paste it into your browser; just clicking it will throw an error. A 14-day quarantine at residence may be necessary; however, popular tourist zones in the typical vacation cities (e.g., Cancun, Los Cabos, PV, Cozumel) are excluded.
  • The Mexican government has established an epidemiological traffic light monitoring system based on the number of cases and risk of contagion to manage the relaxing of restrictions. The status of it varies from state to state.

General Restrictions – All US Pax / Aircraft:

  • US Pax / Aircraft allowed? Yes 

General Restrictions – Vaccinated / Recovered Passengers:

  • Fully vaccinated / recovered allowed entry? Yes 
  • What proof is required to show full vaccination / recovery?
  • Are there restrictions for fully vaccinated / recovered passengers?
  • Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Test Required? COVID-19 test results are not required prior or on arrival into Mexico, with the exception of Puerto Escondido\ MMPS.
  • Health Forms Required? Yes.
  • This will produce a QR code identifier. (For locations with a QR reader)​
  • Appendix and Risk Factor Identification Questionnaire in Travelers (Appendix E) electronic form. ​​
  • ​Appendix and Risk Factor Identification Questionnaire in Travelers (Appendix E) (Paper copy of Risk Factor Form) can be found in the attached forms below.
  • Health assessment form is required on arrival/departure. 
  • Mexican authorities will request them upon arrival. 
  • Airports defer in their requests for forms.
  • It is recommend having a hard copies on hand and also completing the electronic form. 
  • A passenger location form will also need to be filled out.
  • Stay Locations? N/A -Traveler booked hotel or residence
  • Pre-Departure COVID-19 Test Required? No-Not at most locations, but MMPS does require a test not older than 72 hours at departure.​​

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