Farnborough Business Airport World Expo Is Fast Approaching

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Farnborough Business Airport World Expo Is Fast Approaching

Farnborough Business Airport World Expo Is Fast Approaching

Farnborough Business Airport World Expo 2013 takes place March 19 – 21 at a conference center across the field from Farnborough (EGLF) FBO facility. This event will attract general aviation (GA) trade visitors, including FBO representatives, ground handlers, charter operators, scheduling and dispatch directors, and assorted GA service providers.

1. Will this event cause a significant traffic increase at EGLF?

While GA movements at EGLF are not expected to spike during this event, it’s important to keep in mind that prior permission required (PPR) is needed for this airport, and there are operating restrictions to consider.

2. What are operating hours/restrictions for this airport?

Operating hours are 0700-2200 local Monday – Friday, while on Saturday –Sunday and on bank holidays the hours of operation are 0800 – 2000 local. No overtime is available at this airport. All arrivals/departures must meet ICAO Stage 4 noise criteria, and noise certificates must be submitted with the PPR requests. If your aircraft is anything less than Stage 4 compliant – for example, certain hush-kitted Stage 3 aircraft – you will not be accepted at this airport. PPR should be requested as soon as the schedule is known and the request should be submitted via your ground handler. It is important to note that the PPR confirmation number issued serves as your security access code to the airport. All parties associated with your flight must be able to provide this number at the gate.

3. What about aircraft parking and airport services?

Aircraft parking issues are not anticipated during this event, and traffic levels to EGLF are expected to remain normal during this time. There are no restrictions at this airport regarding length of time on the ground. When setting up ground handling arrangements, operators should supply complete crew/passenger information to the ground handler so that customs/immigration arrangements can be made.

4. What are alternate airport options?

Stansted (EGSS) is a 24-hour airport of entry (AOE) that is about a 1.5 hour drive time to EGLF, with airport slot requirements for all operations and noise restrictions in effect 2330 – 0600 local. It’s best to check with your ground handler on permitted noise levels and associated infringement charges prior to operations to EGSS. More information on operating to Stansted can be found in our previous article, Flying to Stansted, London (EGSS): Tips for Business Aviation Operators.

Luton (EGGW) is an AOE about one hour’s drive time to EGLF, with airport slots required. Stage 3 compliant operators may arrive and depart EGGW 24 hours a day; however, Stage 2 operations are restricted to 0600-2300 local Monday-Saturday and 0700-2300 local on Sundays and holidays. If noise restrictions are violated at EGGW, airport fines will be imposed.

Gatwick (EGKK) is also a 24-hour AOE with airport slot requirements. It’s about a one-hour drive time to EGLF and has peak-hour periods to consider in terms of scheduled commercial traffic. PPRs are needed at EGKK for night landings 2300-0700 local, as night movements are limited at this location. Financial penalties will be imposed for aircraft exceeding 87 dB, 2300-0659 local, and when exceeding 95 dB, 0700-2259 local. PPRs should always be requested at least 24 hours in advance.

5. Any tips on hotel availability?

There is a hotel positioned right on the airfield at EGLF, and this would likely be a good first choice when attending the Farnborough Business World Aircraft Expo. There are many good hotel options in the Farnborough area, and it’s close to restaurants and shopping. However, it’s best to book earlier rather than later. Staying in central London is also an option, with a train commute of about one hour each way. Always check cancellation and change policies when making bookings, especially online.

6. What are other considerations when attending this event?

EGLF has full ground handling and 4th-party services available, and credit can be arranged with advance notice. Planeside pick-up and drop-off of passengers is possible at EGLF but should be requested in advance. Coordinate with your ground handler regarding visa requirements as well as customs/immigration clearance procedures. Customs/immigrations facilities are within the FBO. It’s best to set up local transport arrangements in advance. Pre-paid transport (car and driver) is a preferred option. Rental cars are not recommended for operators who are not familiar with the area.

7. Additional reading

For additional information, see our previous articles on business aircraft operations in the U.K.


EGLF is the obvious and first choice for many operators planning to attend Farnborough Business Airport World Expo 2013. As long as your aircraft is Stage 4 compliant, and you’re able to work within airport operating hours, you’ll be able to obtain all the services you need while being very close to the expo venue.


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