COVID Aviation Travel Update: Visiting Turkey, Entry Requirements & Life on the Ground

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The COVID-19 pandemic shut down travel to much of the world. Some nations are wide open to foreign travelers, some are partially reopen for direct travel, and other accessible via travel corridors.

This series focused on destinations that business aviation operators can currently access and what they’ll experience on the during their visit.

Accessing Turkey during COVID

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Turkey has been one of the few open access points to the Mediterranean regardless of aircraft registration, travel history, or the passenger nationality. Over the last few months, the country has seen as increase in business aviation flight activity, as operators take advantage of the lack of restrictions and quarantine requirements.

Here is everything you need to know about the “new normal” in Turkey during COVID.

Who is restricted from entering Turkey?

Nationals of most nations, including the United States and European Union, can access Turkey with no restrictions. All arrivals will be required to complete a health form and will have their temperature taken. You will also be asked where you plan to stay while in the country.

Quarantine requirements for Turkey

Turkey has no quarantine requirements, as long as passengers are symptom-free.

Turkey’s COVID testing requirements

Turkey does not require incoming passengers to have a negative COVID test. However, our Universal Aviation office in Turkey can provide reliable rapid PCR testing provider at Istanbul, Dalaman and Antalya for about $20 USD per test if you need to route to another country or return home.

Types of flights operating to Turkey

We’ve seen an influx of leisure, charter and business flights to Turkey. The majority are coming here because of the lack of restrictions and Mediterranean access.

Universal Aviation Turkey is our primary ground handler for Turkey, based at Istanbul Ataturk Airport (LTBA) and covering all airports across Turkey.

Mask requirements

Masks are required throughout Turkey in all public areas, including at the airport.

What’s life like in Turkey currently?

Life in Turkey has been going on fairly normally the last few months while adhering to mask and social distancing requirements. In recent weeks, COVID infection numbers have been trending up in Turkey and more strict measures could be put in place. We’ll be watching to see how the government reacts to the uptick.

Restaurants and hotels

About 80 percent of Turkish hotels and resorts are open and about 90 percent of restaurants are open.


Stores are open, but be prepared to possibly wait to enter, as capacity caps may create lines.

Public transportation

Authorities are limiting the amount of passengers allowed on public transport. In general, all seats can be filled but only limited standing capacity will be allowed on the metro, busses, etc.

Private transportation

Universal-Drivania Chauffeurs is providing ground transportation services for this event, and its chauffeurs are following strict COVID-19 health and safety standards.

If you have an existing account, you can check pricing for chauffeur services online.

If you don’t have an account, you can signup for one for free and use it to check chauffeur pricing for thousands of destinations globally.

Intercity travel

Intercity travel is currently allowed.

Update: Major upcoming events – Turkish Grand Prix

For the first time in nearly a decade the F1 circuit is returning to Turkey. The Turkish Grand Prix will be held on November 15 at Turkey’s Intercity Istanbul Park. The race, which was originally, scheduled to be open to spectators, announced on October 5, that no attendees will be permitted.

More info on operating to Turkey

More details on operating to Turkey and Istanbul can be read in our Istanbul Business Aviation Destination Guide.

For more for on Turkey’s COVID-19 operating restrictions, visit our COVID-19 Business Aviation Resource Center #Turkey.

Thinking about flying to Turkey?

Our Trip Support Teams are ready to help you plan and manage all the details of your trip – from requirements and feasibility, to planning and coordination. Contact us online, and we’ll provide an estimate for support.


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