CEO Note: Greg Evans induction to The Living Legends of Aviation Hall of Fame

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I’m extremely excited to announce that Chairman and Owner of Universal, Greg Evans, was selected to be inducted into the prestigious Living Legends of Aviation Hall of Fame.

Greg’s selection is a highly prestigious honor. There are just 100 Living Legends of Aviation allowed in the Hall of Fame in the world.

Greg’s induction shines a bright spotlight on not just him but on all of Universal.

It is a prominent recognition of the incredible contributions to aviation of the Evans family and all current and former Universal employees. Each of our team, past and present, and our valued friends and colleagues in our industry, has played a vital role in helping Universal build on its pioneering foundation since 1959, and we should all be proud of Greg’s achievement.

The Living Legends of Aviation are admirable people of remarkable accomplishment in aviation, including entrepreneurs, innovators, industry leaders, record-breakers, astronauts, pilots who have become celebrities, and celebrities who have become pilots.

As a member of the Living Legends of Aviation, Greg joins a who’s who of aviation, including household names and celebrities such as Buzz Aldrin, Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford, Clay Lacy, John and Martha King, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Ed Bolen.

Greg’s official induction will be on Jan. 22, 2022, at a special inauguration ceremony hosted by John Travolta.

As we near closer to the event, we’ll share more on how we’ll share together in this prestigious award and recognition together.

Until then, please join me in congratulating Greg on this tremendous honor.


Ralph Vasami

Chief Executive Officer

Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.


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