BizAv Trip Planning: EBACE 2016 in Geneva – Part 1: Airport Options

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BizAv Trip Planning: EBACE 2016 in Geneva – Part 1: Airport Options

This business aviation blog post is part of a series on bizav ops to Geneva for EBACE 2016.

EBACE 2016 runs May 24-26 at Geneva (LSGG), and this is a location that’s becoming more and more congested with general aviation (GA) activity. For those planning to attend this business aviation event or travel here during this time frame, we recommend beginning the trip planning process as early as possible.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Primary airport

The primary airport for EBACE is LSGG, an airport of entry (AOE) with full services, ground support equipment (GSE) and credit available. Operating hours are 0600-2200 local daily with no overtime possible. For arrival you must be on the ground by 2200 local, or you’ll be diverted. Departures must be wheels up by 2145 local. There is an extension until 2359 local for aircraft filing as IN, but there must be passengers onboard (e.g., ferry flights aren’t able to use this). LSSG is busy throughout the day, and because there is only one runway, delays are often incurred when weather goes down. However, no runway closures are anticipated during the EBACE event as all demo flights will obtain slots via normal channels.

2. LSGG parking

During EBACE, some parking areas normally used by GA will be blocked off and restricted to static display aircraft only. Overnight parking, therefore, may be limited during the event and a couple of days prior. Airport authorities are restricting GA parking, by NOTAM, to just one night for aircraft with wingspans of more than 24 meters. If you’re not able to arrange overnight parking at LSGG you may need to consider a drop and go, with time on the ground limited to about two hours.

3. Alternate airports

If you’re making short notice arrangements to attend EBACE, or if you’re not able to obtain the length of parking you require, several alternate airports are available. Alternates include Lyon (LFLL), Zurich (LSZH) and Basel (LFSB)–all of which are AOEs with full GA support services. Bern (LSZB) can also be considered, but the runway length is only 5,674 feet. You may also consider airports farther away, such as Milan (LIML), which is about a three-hour train journey from Geneva.

4. Lyon (LFLL)

LFLL is a 24-hour AOE for Stage 3 and above aircraft. Note that Stage 2 equipment may only operate during limited hours – 0615-2215 local for arrival and 0600-2215 local for departure. Aircraft at LFLL are prohibited from using thrust reversers between 2200-0600 local. While GA parking is not normally an issue at LFLL it may be during the EBACE period, as many EBACE attendees are likely to park aircraft here. Surface travel between LFLL is about one-and-a-half hours via high speed train.

5. Zurich (LSZH), Basel (LFSB) and Bern (LSZB)

During EBACE, LSZH and LFSB run into similar airport slot and parking issues, similar to LSGG. In the case of LSZB, GA parking options are always very limited. Plan on one-and-a-half to two hours travel time to reach LSGG from any of these alternates.

6. Basel parking choices

As LFSB straddles the border with Switzerland and France, different visa and immigration rules apply, depending on where you park. You may choose to park on either the French or Swiss side, depending upon your particular visas and visa requirements. The fixed based operator (FBO) can be accessed from both sides for customs, immigration, and quarantine (CIQ) clearance purposes.


For operators who make arrangements early, parking at LSGG may not be an issue over the EBACE 2016 period. But, if you’re heading over the EBACE on short notice or last minute you may need to be prepared to reposition to a parking alternate. Also, note the airport slot requirements and airport operating hours for this location.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which covers permits, airport slot, and aviation fuel information for Geneva.


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