Bizav Ops Planning: 2015 Genoa International Boat Show

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Bizav Ops Planning: 2015 Genoa International Boat Show

This is a post by author Lorena Carraro. Lorena is managing director for Universal Aviation Italy, which has Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) and ground support locations at Rome (LIRA), Venice (LIPZ), Milan-Linate (LIML), and Milan-Malpensa (LIMC). Lorena is acting member of the board of the Italian Business Aviation Association and an expert on business aircraft operations in Italy. She can be contacted at

The annual Genoa International Boat Show – one of the world’s premier boat shows – takes place September 30-October 5 this year. Genoa has a long history as a ship- and yacht-building center, and this popular show has been an important event on the Italian Riviera since 1962, attracting significant General Aviation (GA) traffic. Therefore, if you plan on operating into/out of the area during this period, we recommend you begin confirming your arrangements as soon as you know your schedule.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Primary airport

The primary airport for this event is Genoa (LIMJ). This is a 24-hour Airport of Entry (AOE) with no airport slots or Prior Permission Required (PPR). Full ground handling and support services are available, and credit can be arranged with prior notice. Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) is completed in the main terminal, and facilities are available to dispose of international cabin waste – for an additional charge. Be mindful that LIMJ is a popular destination during high season and the International Boat Show period, so securing overnight parking can be an issue. While there’s no maximum length of stay at LIMJ, it’s best to avoid making changes to approved parking arrangements, due to potential ramp congestion during the event period.

2. Alternate airports

Milan Linate (LIML) is 65 nautical miles (NM) from LIMJ and seldom experiences overnight parking issues or limitations. LIML is a 24-hour AOE with full services and credit, and the GA ramp can handle aircraft up to an Airbus ACJ or Boeing BBJ. CIQ is cleared in the GA terminal. LIML has no airport slot or PPR requirements, but parking should be arranged and confirmed in advance.

Milan Malpensa (LIMC), 84 NM from LIMJ, is another option to consider. It’s also a 24-hour AOE with full support and credit arrangements available. CIQ is cleared in Terminal 2, and fast-track clearance can be pre-arranged so that GA passengers do not have to clear with scheduled commercial passengers. LIMC has no airport slot or PPR requirements, and the ramp can accommodate any size GA aircraft. Parking, however, should be arranged and confirmed in advance.

Another alternate is Turin (LIMF), located 70 NM from LIMJ. This is a 24-hour AOE with CIQ cleared within the main terminal. LIMF has no airport slot or PPR requirements, but you’ll need to obtain a parking confirmation in advance.

3. Documentation/visa requirements

All non-European Union (EU) crew members and passengers should carry passports valid for their entire length of stay in Italy. Note that certain passengers and crew members, depending upon their nationality, require Schengen visas when traveling to Italy. As visas are not possible to obtain upon arrival, arrangements must be made for any required visas prior to day of operation.

4. Operational mandates

If you’re flying to LIMC, be aware that Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) has been implemented at this airport. LIML, meanwhile, is currently on A-CDM trials, and these procedures will become mandatory in future. For more information on A-CDM, see our article: “Overview of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) in Italy.”

5. Charter operator considerations

All non-EU-registered charter operators traveling to Italy require charter permits. It’s important to note that the permit process differs depending upon number of passenger seats on your aircraft. Aircraft with up to 19 passenger seats face permit lead times of 20 business days, assuming they’ve traveled to the EU within the past two International Air Transport Association seasons. Otherwise, charter permit lead time is 45 business days. For more information on charter permits, see our articles Italian Charter Permit Changes – Part 1 of 2: General Requirements and Italian Charter Permit Changes – Part 2 of 2: Permit Approval Process.

6. Health and immunization requirements

If you’re flying from a country with yellow fever, malaria, or ebola risk, you’ll need to provide a certificate of “Residual Disinsection,” stamped and signed by local health authorities from the airport your flight originated from. The original certificate must be carried onboard your aircraft and provided to authorities upon arrival. A copy of this should also be sent to your ground handler, before you arrive in Italy, so that he or she can obtain prior approval from Italian health authorities. If your certificate of “Residual Disinsection” is not available upon arrival, the aircraft will be immediately subject to disinsection procedures that will incur additional costs, and this may take up to 24 hours to complete. Note that not all airports are authorized to accept flights coming from countries that have health risks, so it’s recommended that you speak to your 3rd-party provider in advance.

7. Hotel considerations

While there’s a good supply of 4- and 5-star crew accommodation options in the Genoa area, including major international hotel chains, it’s important to book hotel rooms as soon as schedule is known. Due to increased traffic at LIMJ during the event period, hotels will be in high demand with increased prices and extended cancellation policies. If accommodation options are tight in Genoa, you’ll find hotel options to consider in both Milan and Turin.

8. Local transport

Genoa International Boat Show events take place in the “Fieristico” section of town, as well as at the port and in certain parts of the Old Quarter. For travel to any of these venues, it’s recommended that operators arrange pre-paid transport (car with driver). If you’re traveling from an alternate airport, plan on drive times of about one hour, 40 minutes from LIML, and two hours from either LIMF or LIMC. Although rental cars are available at all of these airports, this is not a recommended option due to heavy road congestion in central Genoa during this period.

9. Additional information

The Genoa International Boat Show is organized by Fiera di Genova and “UCINA,” Italy’s professional association of the yachting industry. More information on the Boat Show can be found at the Yachting Partners International and Salonenautico sites.

10. Comply with EU-ETS

Intra-EU flights (flights departing and arriving within the EU) are required to comply with the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) monitoring, reporting, and carbon trading requirements. You can read our series on aviation EU-ETS or visit the EU-ETS Resource Center for more information.

11. VAT exemption

VAT exemptions may be possible for your trip for fuel and other services, depending on the type of flight. For more information on VAT exemptions, please see our articles:

Closing thoughts

Top priority for those planning to attend the Genoa International Boat Show is to confirm aircraft parking for intended length of stay and to secure crew accommodations. If you’re operating a charter, consider and plan for required permit lead times.


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