Best airport alternates during Milan Linate’s (LIML) closure

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Milan Linate Airport (LIML) is scheduled to be closed from July 27 to October 26, 2019.  Because Linate is a major destination for business aircraft, its closure will have an impact on operations to the north of Italy region. The closure will divert several million passengers and thousands of flights to alternate airports – mostly to Milan Malpensa (LIMC). Due to the high number of flights being diverted, combined with part of the closure taking place during Italy’s peak season and several high-traffic events, operators should be prepared for increased congestion and delays.

Here’s what you need to know about the closure and its impact on business aviation:

1. Why is Linate closing for several months?

The closure will allow for significant runway and terminal refurbishments. The project will include re-laying the takeoff and landing runway, installing new underground fuel pipelines, modernizing the baggage handling system and updating the boarding, food and shopping areas. 

2. Milan Malpensa (LIMC) is the primary Linate alternative

During the closure, Milan Malpensa will enact special procedures for business and general aviation.  LIMC is approximately 45 KM northwest of the city center of Milan.

3. LIMC operational details and restrictions

LIMC is open 24 hours. The general aviation (GA) terminal is open from 0600 – 2200. After-hours services are available but requires advance notice.

Due to the influx of traffic, LIMC has put into place restrictions for business aviation. Some of the main restrictions to consider include:

  • MTOW > 2,8 t
  • Aircraft not based with MTOW < 7t are not allowed to land from 08.00Z to 10.00Z
  • 180 kt IAS at 9NM to TDZ ENR
  • 160 kt IAS at 5NM to TDZ
  •  General aviation and business flights are requested to indicate the handler chosen for assistance in item 18 of their flight plan
  • Granted parking time on the ground is 12 hours. Any extension of ground time must be confirmed by the airport management.
  • Refueling with pax on board is not allowed
  • Push back or towing are mandatory on departure when leaving assigned parking area to reach q15, q16, q17 and q27 start point

4. Slot, PPR and ACDM requirements

LIMC does not have airport slots but prior permission is required (PPR), as parking availability has to be confirmed by the airport Authority in advance. Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) is in place for departures.

5. Fuel Arrangements

Refueling requirement has to be communicated together with the handling request to the handler in order to program refueling in advance.

Major aviation and fuel cards are commonly accepted for fuel credit, as are consumer credit cards.

6. Additional airport alternatives

Additional airport alternatives include:

  • Bergamo LIME
  • Brescia LIPO
  • Genova LIMJ
  • Torino LIMF

Universal Aviation Italy can help identify the best airport to meet your schedule.


With the upcoming closure of Linate Airport, operators who planned on operating to this airport will need to find alternative solutions. Operating to the north of Italy during the closure is going to be very complex, therefore we suggest to submitting your schedule as soon as it’s known along with detailed requirements for arrival and departure (such as catering, fuel, ground transportation etc). September is a very busy month in the Milan area as there are many events – such as the F1 Grand Prix and Fashion Fair,  therefore we suggest to plan operations starting early in the month of August.

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