6 Important Tips for Successful 2012 London Olympic Games Planning

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This aviation blog post is part of a series on planning a business aviation flight to London for the 2012 Olympic Games.

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held in London and across the U.K. from July 27th to August 12th, followed by the Paralympic Games from August 29th to September 9th. For air travel, this period will be among the busiest ever experienced in the area. Record levels of corporate aircraft movements are projected. Operators should carefully review their objectives to determine which airport best fits their needs.

The good news is that the U.K. airport authorities want to have a “business as usual” approach, so there are no plans for additional onerous security measures. While there will be an increase in security personnel at airports, customs, immigration and quarantine processes will remain the same. There are currently no plans to raise security threat levels.

However, operating flexibility will be limited. All airports will require slots, and a restricted and prohibited airspace structure will be in place from July 14th to August 15th. Traveling to the games with your corporate aircraft will be manageable if you work early to secure parking and the best available slots. Book early to avoid complications.

1. Choose the right airport for your operations

Reservations will be required for all 40 General Aviation (GA) airports surrounding London. Pick an airport based on the venues you want to attend. Some airports will not be open to GA movements, while others will extend operating hours during this period. Those not able to book early may not get slots at common London-area airports and will have to consider more distant alternatives. Other airports will have operating hours and ramp capacity constraints. For example, business aircraft will be unable to use London Heathrow and Gatwick, while London City airport will have restricted hours and block closures for security. Additionally, not all Olympic venues are in London, so a different airport outside the city might be a better fit.

Available London-area GA airports during the 2012 Olympics.
Slot availabilityRamp spaceTravel time to Olympics by road24/7 operating hoursAble to accommodate larger than a BBJ
Biggin HillYes – Check with your 3rd-party providerHigh40 min.NoNo
FarnboroughYes – Check with your 3rd-party providerHigh60-90 min.NoNo
GatwickNone – Only GA permitted are Head of Staten/an/an/an/a
HeathrowNone – Only GA permitted are Head of Staten/an/an/an/a
LutonYes – Check with your 3rd-party providerMed50-60 min.YesContingent on ramp space
London CityRestricted hours and block closures for securityLow15 min.NoNo
NortholtYes – Check with your 3rd-party providerHigh60-90 min.NoNo
StanstedYes – Check with your 3rd-party providerHigh30-40 min.YesYes

2. Be aware of airspace restrictions

The U.K. National Air Traffic Service is developing an entirely new airspace structure for business flights during the games. In addition to a large restricted zone from close to the southern coast of England to near Cambridge north of London, a smaller prohibited area will be in effect around London Olympic venues from July 14th to August 15th. A smaller set of airspace restrictions will then be put in place for the London 2012 Paralympic Games from August 16th to September 12th. A detailed 1:500,000 visual flight rules chart of the 2012 Olympics airspace restrictions will be available online in early March of 2012. We recommend that all crew use the following Web site as the games draw near to obtain updates about airspace restrictions surrounding the venue: http://olympics.airspacesafety.com.

Added March 22, 2012: Earlier this month, the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) held the official UK briefing on Olympic Airspace Restrictions for General Aviation. Download the presentations from the briefing here.

Added July 5, 2012: See the official June 2012 Olympics Airspace Guide published by the Civil Aviation Authority.

3. Consider slot requirements

All aircraft arriving to or departing from Olympics slot-coordinated U.K. airports from July 21st to August 15th and using controlled airspace will be required to have appropriate slots. Flight plans and runway slots will be linked and monitored. Submitting a flight plan without a valid slot ID will result in the flight plan being cancelled. It’s best to plan early for both parking and slot requirements. Airway slots (issued by Central Flow Management Unit) are separate from airport slots and will have a deviation of -5 minutes to +10 minutes. Each airport has its own per-hour slot quota. Slots for RONs (remaining overnights) will only be confirmed if parking is available. Try to resist revisions to the schedule in order to avoid issues with slots and parking. There are plenty of slots available right now, but the most desirable slot times will go quickly.

Olympics Aircraft Parking and Slots

4. Prepare for charter permits early

If possible, charter operators should book slots and parking early, as there will be capacity constraints. In order to avoid costly delays, ensure that all documentation required for landing permits is up to date. The permit process time will remain the normal five working days. (A minimum notice is 48 hours for all requests.) For short-notice charter requests, normal rules will apply. It’s at the discretion of the U.K. Department of Transportation to provide a status and answer to requests within a shorter time frame. Pay attention to 4th, 5th and 7th Freedom Acts (cabotage), as this may affect domestic leg flights for within the U.K.

5. Ensure proper documentation

In addition to having a current passport with at least a six-month validity, please take the time to check when and if your crew and passengers might require visas to enter the U.K. Due to the increased travel expected during this period, there might be delays in getting visas processed through your local embassy. Below is a helpful site that will provide a list of U.K. embassies worldwide, along with contact information:

Find a British Embassy

6. Consider getting help

Flight operations to the Olympics and other large events like it – such as the Davos World Economic Forum, the Cannes Film Festival and many others – often require a good deal of arrangements and planning beyond those for your typical trip. Because of all the details and complexities involved in these types of trips, we recommend that you work with an experienced 3rd-party provider who can work with you to make your trip a success.


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See our next installment in the series: 4 Action Items for Successful 2012 London Olympic Games Trip Planning, which includes tips on ground services and getting around London during the Olympic Games.

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