About Swiss ETS (and who’s affected)

1 July 2017, the Swiss Federal Council entered into force Ordinance to institute and emission trading scheme for Switzerland. Swiss ETS for aviation is a mandatory regulation for specific operators to track flights between Switzerland – European Economic Area (EEA) and Intra-Switzerland.

Specifically, operators with 1,000+ T/CO2 (Full Scope) for EU-ETS in 2016 are required to comply with Swiss ETS beginning 1 January 2018. 2018 Swiss TKM Compliance requires operators submit a Monitoring Plan, track distance / payload, and compile an annual report of applicable flights. TKM Monitoring Plans were due 30 September 2017 and TKM Reports are due 31 March 2019.

Latest Updates

Roadmap to Success for SWISS-ETS reporting


Stay on top of these milestones to ensure your compliance with SWISS-ETS.

Activities to completeTime frame
Create + Submit SWISS Annual Emissions Monitoring PlansFall 2019
Submit Verified SWISS TKM Report to FOEN31 March 2019
Submit draft TKM and all documentation to verifierFebruary 2019
Engage SWISS-ETS Accredited 3rd Party Verifier.February 2019
Eurocontrol Data for Monitoring Year 2018 becomes availableJanuary 16, 2019
Create supporting document packageJanuary 2019 – December 2018
Gather applicable Flight Logs w/ Pax/Payload data for 2018 (Intra Swiss & Swiss – EEA)December 2018
Submit all FLEET changes and documentation from Monitoring Year to Eurocontrol CRCO OfficeNovember 2018

Past Updates

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