Business aviation operators to face challenging operating environment in Sochi

Sochi, Russia (April 15, 2016) – Universal Aviation will have dedicated supervisory ground handling agent on the ground in Sochi, Russia before and after the 2016 Russian Grand Prix, April 29 – May 1, to help business aircraft operators navigate what is anticipated to be an extremely challenging operating environment. Universal Aviation is the ground support division of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

Contact to arrange supervisory support in Sochi during the Russian Grand Prix

Contact to arrange supervisory support in Sochi during the Russian Grand Prix

“Based on lessons learned from the 2014 Winter Games, we understand the challenges business aircraft operators will face traveling to Sochi during this high-traffic event. To help alleviate the risk and stress they will face in such an expensive and hectic operating environment, we’re proactively dispatching an experienced Universal Aviation ground handling representative to be available on-site from April 24th through May 2nd to provide handling supervision and personal assistance to our clients,” explained Dmitry Konovalov, General Director, Universal Aviation Russia. “Our agent will take care of the crew and passengers on the ramp, in the terminal, and outside the airport.

“More than 400 business aviation movements are anticipated during the period before and after the event, resulting in sharp increases in prices and fees for local services, as much as 150 percent above normal. It is vital that all arrangements such as slots, hotels, handling, and fuel be made now.”

According to Konovalov, some of the additional challenges operators will face include restricted time on the ground, and no parking except for VVIP flights. Additionally, operators should note the recommendation made via NOTAM to avoid uplifting fuel if they aren’t permitted to park at Sochi Int’l Airport (URSS) due to congestion and potential of missing a slot time.

“Unless you’re operating to the Russian Grand Prix as a qualifying VVIP flight, have Head of State status, or have diplomatic status, you’ll need to consider parking and fuel uplift alternatives to URSS such as Anapa (URKA) and Krasnodar (URKK),” said Konovalov. “While drop and goes will be permitted at URSS, your time on ground must be kept to no more than two hours based on active NOTAMs to avoid repercussions. Arrival and departure slots must also be arranged now due to limited availability. And once secured, operators must operate within a specified time window. Slot confirmation times will likely not match the requests due to the congestion that’s expected.”

Other considerations include landing permits and visas, said Konovalov.

“Landing permits are required for all traveling to Russia. Also, it’s important to ensure that visas for both crew and passengers are obtained prior to arrival, as authorities will not permit any persons without such documentation into the country.”

To arrange supervisory ground handling in Sochi, contact Universal Aviation Russia:

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