Employee Spotlight

Kevin Castillo

IT Security Engineer

Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

Here at Universal, our people are our brand. We believe that each individual helps deliver on our core promise and adds to the success of our clients missions. For this month’s Employee Spotlight, we introduce you to Kevin Castillo, IT Security Engineer.

Kevin joined Universal, on May 20 of 2019. He heard about Universal through a networking cybersecurity event he attended “The fact that Universal had a global footprint drew my interest; I thought it would be a great way to develop my career.”

A typical day for Kevin begins with checking for any upcoming meetings and following up on any outstanding emails or alerts.  He then catches up on his security news feeds, flagging any interesting finds for further research.  After that, he moves on to any project work to be done. If any incident or investigation pops up then his priority quickly switches to help his team and provide support as needed.

Kevin has accomplished some great things since joining Universal. He was instrumental in streamlining our network security architecture, both at our headquarters and our overseas locations.  Another stellar achievement was his development of a testing program to accompany employee training.

When asked what he values most at Universal Kevin said, “There’s a lot of growth opportunity at Universal that can strengthen my career, the work environment is supportive enough to allow me to help the company but also add to my own professional development. The team dynamics along with the autonomy given is conducive with working the best we can.”

One of Kevin’s favorite memories working at Universal was the Halloween decorating competition and the paper airplane races. At Universal, we like to keep things fun and upbeat!

When Kevin is not at work he enjoys making music with friends or being out and about and taking pictures.

We are excited to have Kevin on our team. His professionalism, technical breadth, and the experience he brings from previous work settings has greatly helped us improve how we do security. Kevin embodies our winning spirit and we celebrate him for his commitment and dedication to the Universal Family.

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