UVdatalink: In-flight Cabin Communications

When looking for global in-flight cabin communications services, UVdatalink® from Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. has you covered.

Your passengers are covered.

Your passengers get what they need – fast, uninterrupted, easy-to-use service to satisfy their cabin communications needs, including phone, e-mail, fax, SMS/text messaging, broadband Internet, and video conferencing.

You are covered.

You get what you need – reliable and competitively priced SATCOM services, global coverage, compatibility with your existing hardware, and 24/7/365 support.

Available SATCOM Services

Inmarsat Service

UVdatalink provides complete in-flight communication services for the following connection types through Inmarsat:

  • Swift 64
  • SwiftBroadband
  • Classic Aero: I / Aero-H / H+ / Mini-M

Iridium Service

UVdatalink provides complete in-flight communication services through Iridium. Iridium voice is available for aircraft equipped with ICG communication systems.

Direct Dialing to Aircraft

Available for aircraft with Inmarsat connections, UVdatalink provides direct dialing for inbound voice and fax. A standard 10-digit telephone number can be assigned to specific locations and systems onboard your aircraft, and has automatic fax identification without the need for human interaction.

INMARSAT is a trademark of the International Mobile Satellite Organisation, is licensed to Inmarsat Global Limited. Iridium is a registered trademark and/or service marks of Iridium Satellite LLC.