Aviation Fuel

    When traveling to Russia it’s important to note that there is no Jet A or Jet A-1 fuel available. At all airports in Russia, you will find TS-1 fuel. This fuel type is similar to Jet A, but it’s recommended that operators always check their aircraft manual to confirm you can uplift this type of fuel. Also, some locations have RT fuel (analog of Jet A) available for operators.

    If you plan on uplifting fuel and require fuel additives, it’s recommended that you request this in advance as not all fuel suppliers can provide them.

    Note that when dropping off or picking up passengers at any of the primary airports, you will be limited to a ground time between 40 minutes and up to two hours. Authorities are asking operators to tanker fuel and refrain from fueling on drop offs and pick ups.

    MoscowSheremetyevo (UUEE)
    Vnukovo (UUWW)
    Ostafyevo (UUMO)
    Ramnenskoye (UUBW) [with 1-2 business days’ notice]
    Domodedovo (UUDD)
    St. PetersburgPulkovo (ULLI)
    KaliningradKhrabrovo (UMKK)
    Nizhniy NovgorodStrigino (UWGG)
    KazanKazan (UWKD)
    YekaterinburgKoltsovo (USSS)
    SamaraKurumoch (UWWW)
    SaranskSaransk (UWPS)
    VolgogradGumrak (URWW)
    Rostov-on-DonPlatov (URRP)
    SochiSochi (URSS)

    UVair is available at all these locations with prior arrangements.

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