Airport Requirements

    Airport Requirements

    All cities hosting games during this event will require airport slots and will likely offer limited parking options. Note that the permit and parking depend on the slot approval. Even though the slots are requested in advance, authorities have advised that the first slots won’t be allocated until two to three (2-3) weeks prior to the opening ceremony. It’s recommended that you speak to your trip support provider or ground handler as to when requests for slots should be requested. For more information on documentation needed for permits, please see the “Russia Permits” section of this site.

    Airport slot information

    Airport slot regulations are expected to be issued in 2018. We expect that all airports will require slots when games are taking place at their respective locations. Below you will find cities and these airports:

    CitySlot coordinated airportsDates required
    MoscowSheremetyevo (UUEE)Slots are always required
    Vnukovo (UUWW)Slots are always required
    Ostafyevo (UUMO)May 1 – July 31
    Ramnenskoye (UUBW)May 1 – July 31
    Domodedovo (UUDD)Slots are always required
    St. PetersburgPulkovo (ULLI)Slots are always required
    KaliningradKhrabrovo (UMKK)May 1 – July 31
    Nizhniy NovgorodStrigino (UWGG)May 1 – July 31
    KazanKazan (UWKD)May 1 – July 31
    YekaterinburgKoltsovo (USSS)May 1 – July 31
    SamaraKurumoch (UWWW)May 1 – July 31
    SaranskSaransk (UWPS)June 16 – June 29
    VolgogradGumrak (URWW)May 1 – July 31
    Rostov-on-DonPlatov (URRP)May 1 – July 31
    SochiSochi (URSS)May 1 – July 31

    At this time the specific procedures for obtaining slots is not known. However, authorities have advised that slot confirmations won’t be known until approximately two to three weeks or even just days prior to the beginning of the World Cup. Note that CAA requires that airport slot requests be sent at least 30 days prior to the operation of the flight. Note that airport slots may differ from the operator’s request. It’s recommended that operators adhere to the approved slot times and avoid revisions that may lead to slot reconfirmation issues.

    Airport slot deviation is currently +30/-30 minutes for flights up to 3 hours and +/- 45 minutes for long legs (any flight over 3 hours), and is not expected to change at this time. If parking isn’t approved for your aircraft, you will be permitted a minimum of 40 minutes and a maximum of two hours on the ground and the slots will reflect that allotted time. The amount of ground time given will depend on the number of passengers onboard – the higher the number of passengers, the longer the ground time to drop off or pick up. Also, note that depending on the persons onboard – such as a diplomatic flight or a flight carrying a team – will also determine the ground time for drop off or pick up.

    Airport slot penalty information

    At this time penalty information for not adhering to approved slots is not known. However, at certain airports if you don’t meet your slots, your downline approved slots may be cancelled. It is expected that the penalty information will be advised via NOTAM.

    Delays for holding for arrival or departure due to congestion should not affect operators.

    Aircraft parking information

    Aircraft parking will depend solely on slot approval. According to current NOTAMs, in most cases parking will be permitted between 40 minutes and up to a maximum of two hours on the ground. The amount of ground time will depend on the number of passengers onboard. Operators will likely need to reposition to an alternate airport for parking purposes. Also, it’s recommended you avoid obtaining services such catering that may delay your flight and miss the approved departure slot.

    Airport and airspace restrictions

    At this time it is unknown what airport or airspace restrictions will be implemented for the World Cup.

    Other information

    It’s recommended that you monitor NOTAMs for each of the host cities as they will outline requirements and restrictions for each airfield. Authorities have advised that NOTAMs will be issued three to six months prior to the event commencing.

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