Operational Notice

    Registered Users is being replaced by uvGO.

    Flight Planning and WX will no longer be available after January 2018.

    Note: This message is for operators still using our legacy system, Registered Users (RU),  for flight planning and weather. If you are using uvGO and not RU, you can disregard this message.

    In 2015, we introduced uvGO as our new online and mobile platform for managing your missions on your own or through your Universal® Trip Support team. As you have seen, we’ve focused our development resources on continual enhancements to the uvGO platform, and you’ll continue to see enhancements throughout the remainder of 2017 and 2018.

    We’ve also made no secret that uvGO will eventually replace our legacy platform, Registered Users (RU). Now that the flight planning and weather capabilities in uvGO have surpassed those of RU, we are starting the process of shutting down those now unsupported functions in RU. If you are still using RU to view weather information and create and file flight plans, you need to start migrating over to uvGO soon.


    • Weather – Between September 2017 and December 2017, we’ll begin deactivating legacy weather capabilities in RU that are available and more advanced in uvGO. This will happen incrementally during this time frame.
    • Flight Planning – We’ve set a future deactivation date of January 2018 for flight planning within RU. Most users find learning uvGO to be fast and intuitive, but we do encourage you to start using uvGO now before we approach to January 2018 date.

    What you need to do

    • Please start using your uvGO account for flight planning and weather, instead of RU. All your flight plans in RU will be available in uvGO.
    • If you haven’t already set up your uvGO account, you can register for uvGO access here. Your login credentials will be the same as with RU, after you are provided access. Or, you can contact uvgosupport@univ-wea.com.
    • To download the uvGO app for Apple® iPhone® or iPad®, visit www.universalweather.com/uvGO.


    Contact our Customer Care Center:
    Worldwide: +1 (713) 378-2778
    N. America: +1 (800) 793-1295
    Email: uvGOsupport@univ-wea.com

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