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    Embrace safety culture. Embrace efficiency.

    SMS Manager™ Software

    Being safe is central to your operation. And so is being efficient. With our Safety Management & Integration program, you can be both. Choose from SMS software that is scalable to your operation, to customizable SMS manuals and Emergency Response Plan (ERP) development—all supported by SMS experts who are here to help you no matter where you are in your SMS.


    SMS Manager is an online application that centralizes all your SMS processes and documents in one place, easing set up, implementation, and execution.

    Key benefits

    • Comprehensive – Resolves all safety-management processes defined by ICAO
    • Easy to access – Fully automated, paperless, Web-enabled system
    • Efficient – Integrates technology, safety-management processes, and data management
    • Scalable and flexible – Configurable to the safety-process requirements of any organization
    • Verifiable – Provides an SMS implementation plan that can be shared with civil aviation authorities

    4 options – Scalable to your operation

    Whether you require your first SMS Manual or need to manage all your safety processes online and in one place, you can find the right SMS Manager™ option for your operation.


    SMS Manager is approved by the Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation as proof of compliance with ICAO Annex 6, Part II: SMS provisions.

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    Additional ways we can support your SMS

    SMS Manuals

    If you subscribe to SMS Manager, we can provide you with an SMS manual that integrates the core processes and functions of SMS Manager with your operational processes.

    In addition, we can support you in building or revising your flight operations manual (FOM).

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    Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

    Working with Fireside Partners LLC, a leader in Aviation Emergency Response, we can assist you with developing your ERP.

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    SMS Support

    If you are looking for additional expertise and “hands” to help you implement and maintain your safety management system, our SMS experts can help. We can work as an extension to your company to help you:

    • Implement and manage your SMS
    • Fulfill your SMS documentation needs, including your SMS manual and ERP
    • Receive an independent assessment and evaluation of your SMS

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    Memberships and Affiliations

    Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. is committed to a globally safe aviation system.

    Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. is recognized by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as an IS-BAO International Support Services Affiliate (ISSA).

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