Bizav Ops to LABACE 2017 in Sao Paulo – Part 1: Airports, Parking, Handling & Planning Tips

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Bizav Ops to LABACE 2017 in Sao Paulo – Part 1: Airports, Parking, Handling & Planning Tips

This is part one of a two-article series on business aircraft operations to LABACE.

This is a post by author Marcia Taue. Marcia is the Operations Manager at Universal Aviation Brazil, which has aircraft ground handling facilities in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Manaus, Recife, and Rio de Janeiro. Marcia is an expert on business aircraft operations in Brazil and can be contacted at

The annual Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (LABACE) takes place Aug 15-17 this year at Congonhas (SBSP). This marks the 15th year this major global aviation event has taken place. Higher than normal general aviation (GA) traffic is expected during this period at SBSP.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Primary airport

As the event takes place at SBSP, this is the preferred airport for visiting GA operators. The static display will be on the ramp while exhibits will be adjacent in a large tented area. Note that as SBSP is a domestic airport so operators coming from outside the country will need to plan additional stops into/out of Brazil for customs, immigration, and quarantine (CIQ) clearance. As international operators to SBSP will be making more than one stop in Brazil they’ll need both an overflight permit from ANAC (Brazil CAA) and a domestic permit, validated by immigration upon first landing.

2. Parking options

During LABACE GA operators seeking parking, and not part of the static display, will need to request private hangar space. This should be requested as early as possible due to limited options. The good news is that parking for aircraft not associated with the event should not be an issue this year, due to hangar space availability.

3. Planning tips

If you’re bringing an aircraft for static display purposes, additional requirements apply for domestic permits as the aircraft must be temporarily imported. At least one month lead time is needed for this and it’s recommended to use a customs broker.

For operators just attending the event, a few days lead time will be sufficient for arrangements and permits. If you’re not able to arrange hangar parking at SBSP plan to park at Guarulhos (SBGR) or Campinas (SBKP), both 24-hour airports of entry (AOEs). Note that for longer stays, SBKP is preferred as SBGR normally limits GA parking to two or three days.

4. In-flight catering

For in-flight catering at SBSP a minimum of 24 hours advance notification is needed. If you’re stopping in Brazil to clear CIQ, en route to SBSP, you will normally be able to retain certain catering that is onboard. Items such as vegetables, meat and fruits will need to be discarded.

5. Fuel uplift considerations

When operating in Brazil it’s important to carry a fuel release, as some fuelers do not accept cards for domestic legs. During the LABACE period fuel uplifts may be accomplished either on arrival or departure. SBSP has dedicated fuel trucks for hangar operations, and we do not foresee delays so long as fuel arrangements have been made in advance.

6. Hotels and local transport

During the August LABACE timeframe, we do not anticipate issues with hotel availability. However, hotels close to the airport will likely be busier than normal. Plan on 200-300 USD/night for 4-star crew accommodations. For local transport we recommended pre-paid (car and driver) options, and your ground handler can assist with this.


During the LABACE period, SBSP will have higher than normal traffic but we don’t expect parking issues due to hangar space available at the field. Note that SBSP is a domestic only airport so additional stops into and out of the country are needed for those looking to travel here. Also, if you are looking for hotels close to the airport, it’s best to request this now.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which covers permits, airport slots, customs and immigration when traveling to LABACE.


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