Aaron Thayer is the General Manager and Director of Sales for The Cleveland Jet Center, the aviation-services provider at Cuyahoga County Airport (KCGF) located in Northeast Ohio on Cleveland’s eastside. The Cleveland Jet Center is also a UVair FBO Network member. Aaron is part of a team that rescued The Cleveland Jet Center from court-ordered receivership in 2012 by implementing a transformative customer-service approach that values relationships over transactions. A graduate of Geneva College, Aaron spent 10 years in full-time ministry before making the transition to aviation. Aaron can be reached at athayer@clevelandjetcenter.com.This guest author’s views are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

Abel Perez has facilitated more than 13,000 global trip legs since joining Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. in 1996 and is known for his expertise in acquiring overflight permits. Abel, who currently serves as a Senior Trip Owner on the Universal Bravo Team, holds multiple pilot ratings. Prior to joining Universal, he held roles as a commercial ground handler and flight instructor. He holds commercial, multi-engine, instrument and flight instructor ratings and has First-officer experience with the Hawker 800, King Air and Citation. Abel, has a bachelor's of science degree in professional aviation from Louisiana Tech University.

Adam Dowley is an expert on air traffic management and business aviation operations to, within, and from Europe. He currently serves as Assistant Manager for the Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. European Operations Centre in Stansted, United Kingdom. Adam, who first joined Universal in 2010, previously served as an Operations Performance Analyst with Manchester Airport. Adam has a bachelor’s of science degree in air transport management from Loughborough University.

Universal® Team Manager, Global Regulatory Services Team, Adam Hartley has established himself as an expert at helping operators comply with complex regulations worldwide. Known for his Global Emissions knowledge, Adam's expertise includes: worldwide charter requirements, international ops to/from the U.S., mission feasibility, operational best practices and more. Adam has been featured in numerous industry trade publications contributing guest editorials to Professional Pilot, BART, World Aircraft Sales, Business Airport International and Altitudes. He is a current member of the NBAA S+D Committee and NATA Air Charter Committee.

Adonis Bastos is Operations Supervisor for Universal Aviation Brazil - Sao Paolo. While his areas of expertise cover a full range of general aviation (GA) support services throughout Brazil, Adonis is known for his in-depth knowledge on the ins and outs of Brazilian landing and domestic permits. With seven years in the aviation industry, working for airlines including Delta, Air China and TAM, three years in business aviation, and an educational degree in Air Transportation Logistics, Adonis is a key resource for GA operators heading for Brazil. He’s fluent in both English and Portuguese.

Adrian Fedrick Labrooy serves as Operations Supervisor for Universal Aviation Maldives. A native of Sri Lanka, Adrian is an expert in the aviation and travel industries. He has extensive experience and training in ramp and passenger safety and security, as well as more than two decades as a destination representative for a UK-based travel organization. Adrian holds a degree from St’ Peter’s Collage, Colombo and a postgraduate diploma from the Sri Lanka Institute of Management Council of Education. He can be reached at adrianlabrooy.

Alan Pong, who is based in Hong Kong, serves as Operations Manager for Universal’s Asia Pacific Operations Center. He joined Universal in 2014 as a Trip Support Specialist and has eight years' experience in business aviation operations, as well as coordinating emergency, search and rescue flights in Hong Kong before joining the company. Alan has a master's degree from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in Aviation Management. He is fluent in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin.

Alexandra Ferullo is an expert on business aviation trip management, specializing in trips within the United States, Asia, Middle East and Africa. She currently serves as a Master Mission Advisor on the Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. Echo Team. Alexandra, who holds a commercial pilot license (single and multi-engine, instrument rated), as well as a Federal Aviation Administration Airline Dispatch Certificate, has been with Universal since 2010. In 2013, she was named Universal's Stellar Customer Service Award recipient. Alexandra, who is fluent in English and speaks conversational Indonesian, graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She is currently working on her flight instructor certificate and is an active member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Allie Truesdell served as Business Development Manager for Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. until April 2017. Prior to joining Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. in 2010, Allie served as a Customer Service Manager and Operations Manager at several FBOs throughout the United States. Her experience also includes serving as a National Air Transportation Administration operations safety trainer, managing fuel farms and operations at an FBO-level. Allie, also holds a bachelor's of science in accounting & business management and a master's degree in accounting.

Anabel Monson serves as Senior Manager, Corporate Events and Sponsorships at Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. and is an expert at coordinating all facets of events and tradeshows. Since joining Universal in 2006, Anabel, who graduated from Trinity University with a degree in Communications, has managed hundreds of events both domestically and internationally.

Universal Aviation Brazil Country Manager Andre Camargo has more than 20 years’ experience in the aviation industry in both ground handling and flight operations management. Based in Sao Paulo, Andre is an expert on operations to and from Brazil.Andre holds both a law degree from the Universidade Cidade de Sao Paulo and an MBA from Fundação Getulio Vargas.

Senior Trip Advisor Andrew Bennett is a member of the TSS Foxtrot team at Universal. Andrew’s role is to assist clients, ensure that their missions are a success, and determine exactly what they need in terms of trip support, both in the pre-trip planning phase and on the day of operation. Having worked for several years as an Aircraft Dispatcher and Team Lead in the fractional ownership industry Andrew knows what it takes to support even the most demanding mission requirements. He works diligently to ensure all trip planning details are taken care of while communicating with clients and explaining what is needed to ensure the smoothest and most successful mission. Andrew is an FAA certified dispatcher and commercial pilot, and has a BS in Aviation Technology from Everglades University.

Angela Davis is a Trip Owner in Trip Support Services and has been in the industry almost seven years. With expertise in production support and regulatory services, Angela is focused on continually developing her training, project management and customer service skills. Recently recognized with a Stellar Customer Service Award, Angela is particularly adept in customer service and has received a number of compliments. To this end she has also worked as a mentor in promoting excellent client relationships.

Augusto Nunes worked for Universal Aviation Brazil until May 2016 and at the time of his departure held the position of Universal Aviation Brazil Operations Manager. He has previous industry experience in Ground Handling Coordination and has been a professional attendee at LABACE since 2009. Augusto has a Bachelor degree in Civil Aviation from Sao Paulo’s Laurent University and an MBA from Fundacao Getulio Vargas..

Barry Burton has over three decades of experience in the aviation industry and more than 15 with Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. A 15-year veteran of the Royal Air Force, since joining Universal in 2000, Barry has gained experience in multiple roles, including Trip Support Services, Flight Planning, and UVair Fuel. Prior to joining Universal, Barry served in Air Traffic Control and Operations & Mission Planning for the military, as well as Operations Controller for two different charter airlines. Barry’s business aviation expertise has been recognized by industry associations and publications, and he has been asked to speak at the National Business Aviation Association’s International Operators Conference.

Bill Kosman worked for Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. until 2017. At the time of his departure he held the position of Domestic Supply Manager, UVair Fuel Program, Bill has over 30 years experience in the aviation industry.

Dr. Robert Baron is the President and Chief Consultant of The Aviation Consulting Group. He has over 24 years of experience in the aviation industry. As a consultant, he has assisted a multitude of aviation organizations in the development of their Human Factors, SMS, CRM, and LOSA training programs. Dr. Baron is also an adjunct professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and teaches courses on aviation safety and human factors subjects. Dr. Baron can be contacted through his company’s Web site at www.tacgworldwide.com.This guest author’s views are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

Bobby D. Butler, Jr. worked at Universal until February 2016. While at Universal, he served in several positions, including Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Internal Audit. Bobby is a certified Compliance and Ethics Professional and holds a Masters in Business Administration - International Business with honors from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas. In addition, he holds a BA in Political Science from Loyola University, New Orleans, LA and completed a fellowship from Loyola's Institute of Politics.

BP Tan currently serves as Sales and Supply, Asia-Pacific Region, UVair® Fuel Program. Based in Singapore, BP joined UVair in 2009 as a fuel consultant, utilizing his knowledge of aviation fuel in both the sales and supplier spectrums to help increase UVair’s presence and value to clients throughout Asia. BP has a bachelor’s degree from the National University of Singapore and is currently working on an MBA in Aviation with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Brandon Sladecek is an expert on business aviation operations to the Caribbean and specializes in obtaining difficult charter permits. He currently serves as a Master Mission Advisor on Universal’s Charter Management Orange team. Brandon first joined Universal in 2002 and since that time has facilitated more than 10,000 missions.

Brendon Sadler served as General Manager of Universal Aviation Australia until 2014. Prior to joining Universal Aviation, Brendon served two decades in the Royal Australian Navy in the Combat Systems Branch where he gained considerable military aviation knowledge.

Brian Myler is Director of Sales and Marketing at Ambassador Jet Center, an FBO located at Dallas Executive Airport (KRBD) in Dallas, Texas, and a member of the UVair FBO Network. Brian is experienced in business aviation operations and can be reached at BMyler@ambassadorjetcenter.com.This guest author's views are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

Brunel Cesar is a Senior Trip Owner on the Charter Management Team with Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. and has been in the aviation industry over eight years. With areas of expertise in charter operations and permits, Brunel enjoys assisting operators with the complexities of planning their trips for both international and domestic missions. Brunel has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Business Administration, Airline Management and International Business and has been recognized as Employee of the Month at Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

Carol Martin is the Top Dog and CEO of Sit 'n' Stay Global, LLC and developed the first set of standardized pet safety protocols for pets flying in aircraft cabins. She began her career in aviation as a commercial flight attendant with Delta Air Lines, where she founded the charitable foundation "Wings of Angels" to assist passengers who had to travel alone with special needs. Her bachelor's degree in business and CPA allowed her to successfully build this program into a thriving system to help passengers navigate commercial travel with the help of airline volunteers. Upon making the transition to corporate flight attendant in 2006, she saw the need to define the standard of care for pet passengers in general aviation and developed clear, concise pet safety protocols. She is an instructor for the American Red Cross in pet first aid and CPR, has studied pet nutrition and behavior and is an advocate in the fight against canine cancer. Her company provides trained crew members who can provide world-class human and pet in-flight service, and she teaches in-flight pet safety and first aid to flight departments and aircraft owners who wish to learn these skills for their own operations. You may learn more about these services at www.sitnstayglobal.com or e-mail Carol at sitnstayglobal@gmail.com.This guest author's views are entirely her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.