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Jimmy Scott, Supervisor, Meteorology and Flight Planning, has been in the industry for 14 years and has a passion for all matters related to aviation weather. Jimmy has a particularly high forecast verification rate and excels in generating the most accurate forecasts possible for limited data areas throughout the world. Jimmy was just one of two forecasters selected to provide weather support to Erik Lindbergh on his 2002 New Spirit of St. Louis flight from New York to Paris. The recipient of 14 Aviation Weather Meteorologist of the Month awards, Jimmy has also been recognized with a Thomas Evans Aviation Areas of Expertise award. A retired NCO with 21 years’ service, Jimmy was first Place Recipient of the Dunlap Weinberg Top Terminal Airdrome Forecast award, and took second place honors in the Lucy Speer Top Target Forecast award in 1995. Jimmy is the “go-to guy” for operators dealing with potentially challenging weather situations and as well as those looking for the most accurate and intuitive forecasts for more remote locations of the world. He can be reached at jimmyscott@univ-wea.com.

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Aviation Weather Tips: All You Need to Know about Ceilings

Aviation Weather Tips: All You Need to Know about Ceilings

Ceilings at arrival and departure airports – measured cloud base height relative to the ground – impact business aircraft operations around the world. Conditions are most significant when sky is totally obscured and particularly when local terrain is also a factor. Ceilings impact visual flight rule (VFR) and instrument flight rule (IFR) operations differently, and […]

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