ABACE 2016 Special: BizAv Ops to Shanghai – Part 1: Airport Considerations

ABACE 2016 Special: BizAv Ops to Shanghai - Part 1: Airport Considerations

This is a post by author Jimmy Young. Jimmy serves as country manager for Universal Aviation China, which has aircraft ground handling facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Jimmy is an expert on business aircraft operations in China and can be contacted at jimmyyoung@universalaviation.aero.

This business aviation blog post is part of a series on bizav ops to Shanghai for ABACE 2016.

The 2016 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) takes place April 12 – 14. With 8500 business leaders and trade delegates converging on the Shanghai Hongqiao (ZSSS) venue, this will be a busy event and one which will impact aircraft parking and operational considerations at ZSSS.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Shanghai airports

Shanghai has two airports of entry (AOEs) – ZSSS and Pudong (ZSPD). Both require airport slots and have general aviation (GA) departure curfews in place 0700-0900 local. While ZSPD operates 24 hours, ZSSS has night curfews in effect 0001-0559 local. It’s only possible to obtain one slot, at either airport, during peak hours of 0900-2200 local. Also, by regulation, aircraft aren’t permitted to reposition from ZSPD to ZSSS, and vice versa. ZSSS has a fixed-base operator (FBO), while ZSPD doesn’t. Parking is limited to a maximum of three days at ZSSS but is generally unrestricted at ZSPD. Drive time between the two airports ranges from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on traffic.

2. Event venue

ABACE 2016 takes place at the Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Centre (BAC). ABACE meetings and exhibits occur within the BAC hangar space, and about 40 static display aircraft will be positioned on the BAC ramp. As the static display takes over the entire FBO ramp area, all transient GA aircraft will be relocated during the event. No arriving aircraft, other than static display aircraft, will be able to access to the BAC ramp area during ABACE.

3. ZSSS restrictions

While the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) has not yet issued restrictions and notices for this year’s ABACE event, the BAC and static ramp were closed to GA during the last ABACE, other than aircraft approved for the static display. It’s recommended that operators traveling to Shanghai during this period park at ZSPD.

4. Aircraft parking requests

Parking for ZSSS and ZSPD is requested from the airport authority and is normally restricted to a maximum of three nights at ZSSS. During ABACE any application to park on the BAC static display ramp must be pre-approved by the ABACE organizers.

5. Alternate airports

Recommended alternates for Shanghai are Nanjing (ZSNJ) and Hangzhou (ZSHC), and both are 24-hour AOEs. High speed train services are available between each airport, ZSHC and ZSNJ, and Shanghai with travel times of one hour and one and a half hours, respectively.

6. Service, support and fuel uplift options

ZSSS, ZSPD, ZSNJ and ZSHC offer full GA support services with credit available. Fuel services at all airports are shared between commercial and GA operations, and there may be uplift delays during peak periods of scheduled commercial operation. Note that GA at ZSPD are parked out on the cargo ramp, some distance from the terminal, and fuel delays are more likely due to this more remote locale.

7. ZSSS night curfews and restrictions

Other ZSSS operating considerations to be mindful of include:

  • between 0001-2359 local GA operating from the south, west and northwest are all routed to ZSSS
  • between 0001-2359 local aircraft arriving from the east or northeast are not permitted to land at ZSSS

Note that after processing a permit request, in accordance with their normal rules and regulations, CAAC reviews the expected transit flying chart (TFC) for the given day and may grant permission to use ZSSS.


While we do not expect all available GA parking at ZSPD to fill up during ABACE 2016, you’ll likely be parked far from the terminal building, and extra time should be planned for fuel uplifts, aircraft servicing and passenger boarding. Note that ZSSS will be restricted to static display aircraft only during ABACE, so it should be avoided.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which covers permits, customs, immigration, and local area information for Shanghai.


If you have any questions about this article or would like assistance planning your next trip to China, contact Christine Vamvakas christinevamvakas@univ-wea.com.