Formula One Brazilian Grand Prix 2017 – Part 1: New SBGR Parking Procedures


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This business aviation blog post is part of a series on operations to Guarulhos.

Guarulhos (SBGR) is the preferred airport for many international general aviation (GA) arrivals into Brazil for the Formula One Grand Prix event which runs November 11 and 12. As of October 25, 2017, at 0001, local new long term GA parking procedures go into effect at SBGR. While these new policies will improve GA parking availability and allow longer term parking stays, expect costs to be dramatically higher.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Open air hangar policy

As of October 25, 2017 any parking stay over two hours for domestic operations, or three hours for international ops, will be subject to a new Open Air Hangar (OAH) policy. Previously, GA operators could use apron parking for stays up to about 48 hours at SBGR. However, after October 25 you must relocate to the OAH area, or reposition to a different airport, after two or three hours on the ground.

2. Parking costs are going up

Prior to October 25 was possible to park on the GA apron for up to 48 hours at a cost of about 10 USD/hour for a larger business jet. However, this option is no longer be available after October 25 as you must use OAH for stays beyond two or three hours. While pricing has not yet been established we anticipate daily rates between 1500 and 2000 USD/night. For example, if you stay at SBGR for six hours you may be looking at a 24-hour OAH rate as opposed to 60 USD or so previously.

3. OAH specifics

The good news is that GA parking should no longer be an issue at SBGR, and you’ll be able to park as long as you like. But, you’ll be paying much more than previously. To use the OAH you’ll first send a parking request to airport management who will forward it to the third party provider who’ll be managing this parking area for the next 15 years. The OAH area is located on Apron 12 and makes up a part of the former GA apron. By using a compact parking approach more GA aircraft can be accommodated at SBGR than previously.

4. Towing requirements

Note that towing in and out of the OAH area is mandatory and towing charges are not included in overnight parking fees. Expect towing charges to/from OAH to be about 300 USD each way. It’s not necessary for operators to bring their own tow bars as local handlers are well stocked for most models of business aircraft.

5. Military parking ramp

SBGR has a military side parking apron, but this is normally reserved for military and head-of-state operations. While some corporate operators have been able to obtain permission to park in this area it’s not standard procedure.

6. SBGR parking opportunities

In the past SBGR had filled up and had to turn away overnight GA parking requests during certain peak holiday and special event periods. Parking was not an issue, but during last year’s Formula One Grand Prix in part because the price of GA parking had been boosted to about 2000 USD/night. Likewise, we do not expect GA parking availability issues this year.

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While we don’t anticipate GA parking issues at SBGR for the Grand Prix event it’s best to submit parking requests as early as possible. Although OAH parking rates have not yet been released we expect they’ll be published soon. And, while we expect parking charges to be high — as they were for the 2016 Grand Prix — all arriving business aircraft are expected to be accommodated.

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Stay tuned for Part 2, which covers alternate airports, customs, immigration and quarantine when operating to Guarulhos.


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