NBAA IOC2016 Special: International Business Aircraft Ops

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NBAA IOC2016 Special: International Business Aircraft Ops
The 2016 International Operators Conference (IOC), hosted by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), takes place on today. This conference focuses on topics related to the international operation of business aircraft. Common discussions are international regulatory issues (such as TSA waivers, Colombia APIS, UK-APD, U.S. CBP, etc.), regional operations (such as Asia, South America, etc.), high-traffic events such as the 2016 Brazil Summer Games, and safety. Many of these topics have been discussed in depth on this blog over the past two years, and we thought it would be useful to compile these articles below.

We hope you find this compilation useful. As always, we value your input. Please leave us questions or feedback in the comments area below. And, of course, have a great time at the conference in San Diego!

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