2015 Cannes Int’l Film Festival & Monaco Grand Prix – Part 2: GA Parking & CIQ Clearance

2015 Cannes Int'l Film Festival & Monaco Grand Prix – Part 2: GA Parking & CIQ Clearance

This is a post by author Isabelle Canton. Isabelle is the senior Universal Aviation representative – south of France for Universal Aviation France, which has aircraft ground handling facilities in Paris, Le Bourget, and Le Castellet. Isabelle is an expert on business aircraft operations in southern France and can be contacted at cantonisabelle@universalaviation.aero.

This business aviation blog post continues from our article last week, entitled "2015 Cannes Int’l Film Festival & Monaco Grand Prix – Part 1: GA Airports and Options."

For business aircraft operators, parking limitations will not be as critical a factor during the opening phase of the Cannes Film Festival. The heaviest traffic period, when airport slots and parking approvals will be more of a significant issue, is expected to be May 21-26. It’s best to try to avoid revisions as much as possible during this period. Also, you need to be aware of the Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) process.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Parking limitations/costs

While there are no time limitations on parking at either Cannes (LFMD) or Nice (LFMN) when approved by authorities, be aware that LFMN parking can be particularly expensive, especially for longer stays. Daily rates increase substantially, depending on length of stay. LFMD, on the other hand, has standard parking rates that do not increase, on a per-day basis. Operators looking to minimize parking charges should consider repositioning to Genoa (LIMJ).

2. Parking location

General Aviation (GA) parking at LFMD is close to the terminal whereas parking at LFMN is more remote – at parking area Kilo. Ground handlers at both airports must escort crew members/passengers to the aircraft in all cases. At LFMD it’s an easy walk from the terminal to the aircraft, but LFMN requires transportation to/from the parking stand, and delays may be involved.

3. Alternate parking

If you’re unable to secure parking at LFMD or LFMN, there are several parking alternates to consider – including Le Castellet (LFMQ), LIMJ, and Marseille (LFML).
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4. CIQ clearance

Passports are required for entry into France, and in general you should have at least three months’ remaining validity from the date of your departure. Depending on crew/passenger nationality, Schengen visas may also be required. Be aware that if you require a visa, this must be obtained in advance as visas are not issued on arrival. Full crew/passenger information must be forwarded prior to arrival so that your handler can submit this to local CIQ authorities. If submitted information is incorrect, this could cause delays.

CIQ clearance is not possible onboard your aircraft, unless it’s an air ambulance or diplomatic flight – for either airport. VIP lounges are available at both LFMN and LFMD, but these facilities are only available on departure, as on arrival there is no access to this lounge from the ramp side, and passengers first need to get their passports stamped from customs.

5. Documentation

Ensure that you have all required aircraft documentation available for airport authorities – including airworthiness and registration certificates, copies of worldwide insurance, and an Air Operator Certificate for charter (non-scheduled commercial) operations. Crew should also have copies of licenses and medical certificates available to give to authorities when requested. Ensure that all crew members, including flight attendants, have crew IDs available and ready to present. Note that French authorities are strict on documentation and ID requirements. For charter flights ensure that you’ve obtained a charter landing permit in advance, and be mindful that the pilot in command may not be over age 60 for operations to or within France.

6. CIQ clearance at LFMD

CIQ clearance is completed at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). This is the only terminal at LFMD as the airport has no commercial airline operations. Customs clearance usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes, depending on traffic and if any value-added tax refunds are needed.

7. CIQ clearance at LFMN

CIQ clearance at LFMN is accomplished at the GAT, which is a separate building from the main terminal. For clearances between 2000 and 0800 local, your ground handler will need to contact customs/immigration authorities to arrange for them to come out to the GAT. Note that the ground handling agent, along with the passengers, usually waits at the police desk for the customs clearance. If the passengers aren’t there when the police agent arrives, the police agent will return to the main terminal, which will cause delays until he/she is able to return. Be aware that there may be delays during the 2000-0800 local night period, particularly if commercial flights are being cleared at the same time.

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Closing thoughts

Consider parking alternates to LFMN and LFMD to help maximize operational flexibility and opportunities for short-notice schedule revisions. It’s best to prepare your passengers for any delays that may be experienced due to local airport congestion.

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Stay tuned for Part 3, which covers local area information for travel to southern France for large events.