Top Operational FAQs from the NBAA IOC 2014 Conference

Top Operational FAQs from the NBAA IOC 2014 Conference

Top Operational FAQs from the NBAA IOC 2014 Conference

It’s been a few weeks since the NBAA 2014 International Operators Conference (IOC) took place in Tampa, Florida. During this event we spoke to many business aircraft operators who shared their questions regarding specific topics relevant to their operations. Below you will find a compilation of articles that cover some of the most popular topics discussed during the show:

1. Traveling to Mexico

There are many items an operator needs to consider when traveling to Mexico. Some of these items include Mexico Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS), SENEAM fees, and landing permits. With the ever-changing regulatory environment in Mexico, it’s always recommended that operators review the latest requirements prior to any travel to this country. More information regarding operations to Mexico can be found in these blog articles:

2. Regulatory requirements for travel to Europe

Over the last few years, we have seen different regulations being implemented in Europe. Some of these regulations include temporary importation, UK air passenger duty, Value-Added Tax (VAT), and EU-ETS. Each of these regulations has differing requirements and specific data that must be submitted. To learn more about these regulations, please see these blog articles:

3. China landing permit requirements

There have been changes made to the landing permit process when traveling to China. Two important changes are the lead time and the number of revisions an operator is permitted to make. For this reason it’s very important to ensure that you prepare your passengers in advance to avoid multiple revisions that may affect your ability to travel here. More information on the revised China permit requirements can be found in these blog articles below:

4. Traveling to Brazil for the World Cup

Many operators will be traveling to Brazil for the World Cup. Such operations will require advance pre-planning for airport slots, aircraft parking, and landing permits to name a few. Due to the high traffic expected throughout Brazil, it’s recommended that requests be submitted as soon as possible. For more information on traveling to the World Cup, please see our articles:

You may also find the latest information on traveling to Brazil during the World Cup on the Brazil 2014 Resource Center.

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