Brazil World Cup 2014 Trip Planning Tips: Arrangements Should Be Made Now

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Brazil World Cup 2014 Trip Planning Tips: Arrangements Should Be Made Now

Over the last few months, Brazilian airport authorities have been working on laying out the requirements for business aircraft operators looking to travel to the World Cup this summer. Though some of these requirements are not yet known, it’s recommended that operators start requesting their services now, due to heightened demand at all primary cities hosting the games.

The Centro de Gerenciamento da Navegacao Aerea (CGNA) has issued the World Cup Practical Reference Guide that outlines information such as definitions of "exclusion zones" that will secure the airspace against terrorism or accidents during matches, airports that will require slots, and recommended airports to use for flight planning purposes.

It’s important to note that in order to be able to obtain airport slots for your trip to Brazil, you must first obtain the required permits. Documentation is required for all permits in Brazil, and this information needs to be submitted now. It’s imperative to ensure that all documentation is current and not close to expiration or due to expire during this event. Prior to submitting any documentation, please review all expiration dates and obtain updated documents as needed, due to the fact that the Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil (ANAC) will only permit an operator to submit correct documentation once.

To help you stay on top of the ever-changing operating requirements, airport information, and restrictions for the World Cup, visit Brazil 2014 Trip Planning Resource Center.

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